Guy Arnault, new coach of La Charité Basketball: “I feel like the club is rooted in the city”

Guy Arnault, 58, is the new coach of La Charité. He succeeds Fabian Antonios, at the club for six seasons, and left for Lons-le-Saunier (NM2). At the helm of the JDA Dijon U-15 team last season, this coach arrived with a coach profile with bags full of experience since he was coach for Lebanon, Oman, Yemen, Togo and coaching clubs in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. , Palestine, South Africa, but also in France, from N1 to N3, in Chalon, Feurs, Salon-de-Provence, Grenoble …

Why did you join La Charité?

It is a club that was still in NM1 during the 2019-20 season. And who should aspire to return there. This reminds me of Feurs, who I trained in NM1, who just got to that level. The city and the club are the same. I feel the La Charité basket is well established in the city, and the supporter base is solid. Some rooms are sterile, not here. I haven’t tested it before, but the feedback is unanimous.

What will your tasks be?

They will bypass the NM3 framework. You should have a core group of local players to stand out. That U13, U15, could introduce themselves by saying, “I can claim the first team in a few years.” During my last season at JDA, three of the Under-15s who were under my responsibility joined the Training Center. It is pride.

To anchor a sports project, you need to plan at least two or three seasons.

Is this a way to strengthen the identity of the club?

Francis (Bardot, chairwoman of La Charité Basketball) Tell me about this problem. The club hires players for very short assignments. They come, they go. The emotional value of a player coming from Never, or at least from the region, is greater. We don’t want an agent calling at the end of the season to say ‘Thank you, the player has done the job, he can leave’. This permanent renewal is going in the opposite direction of the project we want to implement. To anchor a sports project, you need to plan at least two or three seasons.

Jay Arno.

Is this possible when we look at your career path with short experiences?

On my last assignment, I was the French U-15 champion with Dijon. The goal was achieved and there was no continuity behind it. Here it is different.

We will include young people from the reserve team as training partners.

How will the workforce of the future be shaped?

The question will be, indeed, to make progress for the players. Seven weekly working sessions are planned. We will include young people from the reserve team as training partners. NM3 players will also be entitled to individual sessions. As for recruitment, it will direct our style of play. You can only do with your guys.

Why did you choose to travel so much in your career?

I love to travel, I love basketball. So I found how to reconcile my passion. Breaking out of the French-French tire is modest. In the Middle East, I coached players who started basketball at the age of fifteen. Today, there is a professional person in China. In France, he would not have played higher than he played in Prénationale.

Chiefs say ‘their’ man.

Frances Pardo

58. “He’s a strict coach.” “The guy was in his place at JDA, but I knew he was open to another project. I like his profile, he is a strict coach in organized basketball. We needed that. We saw each other in Dijon, and he came to La Charité. These encounters reinforced my idea of Guy on a human level. His CV is full of trips and experiences. He has a lot to offer us, to the first team, but also to all the club’s coaches. We have just gone through three difficult seasons, two interrupted by Covid, punctuated by relegation. The goal is to go up in NM2.”

Valerie Grosjean

JDA Dijon Burgundy. Round man. “We can only be happy about Gay’s passing, the French U15 champion (during the 2021-2022 season). We made him an offer, we would have liked him to stay. We were looking for someone with experience, who could bring serenity to this group of youngsters. It was also necessary to re-establish a relationship of trust with the League. The man is round, knows how to fit into the chassis. Jay was able to help the youngsters advance, as two of them turned into the U18 Elite team, which did not happen much. He managed to make the players on Familiar with the work required.”

Clouds of La Roche

Bergerac United States. “Open for discussion”. “Arrived during season one, cut it short in fall due to covid (season 2020-2021). I remember our video interview, Guy is very technically thorough, serious, and has real charisma. He doesn’t hesitate to make up his mind. He’s a box coach, spanning over Respect the instructions. I see him interrupting the match in the exercises to control the players. Repeating the exercises is something for him. But he is also open to discussion. I am not saying he is a mercenary, but he loves new experiences. He is a free man.”

effective. Among the players who will make up the NM3 workforce during the 2021-2022 season, three are called upon to continue: captain Loïc Salaneuve, quarterback Dylan Palcy, and insider Kévin Hangoué. We can also count the versatile Enzo Dos Santos, which was sparingly used last season. In full employment, La Charité targets three movable players and two immovable players.

Owen Cuddle

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