Mbappe becomes an ambassador for a game based on NFT

In the daily list for June 30, 2022, we will start with very bad news about Pokémon GO and all games of this type. We will continue with French footballer Mbappe who becomes an ambassador for Fantasy Football with the NFTs. And we’ll end with some manga news, since things aren’t going well for manga author Hunter X Hunter… The Daily, here we go!

Sports we are used to. Many footballers are brand and service ambassadors… but when rising star Kylian Mbappe joins a project, everyone is interested. You may have heard of the popular Play to Earn games, where you invest money in order to make it grow. NFT is often invested in. The web game Sorare offers its players a mixture of FIFA Ultimate Team, Football Manager and Panini cards. Basically, you have a piece of dematerialized cardboard with a serial number, a picture of the player attached, and statistics. There is no actual gameplay, only buying and selling, contests, card spoils and above all monitoring the player’s performance in almost real time. If you take transfers and news seriously, and have a good sense of it, you will be able to buy cheap player cards, train and develop them, pursue their careers in the real world, and resell your card. truly. In short, it’s the stock market, shaped like a game, in a sport that hundreds of thousands of people think they know from the inside out. The explosive cocktail means Sorare has already raised hundreds of millions of euros since the beta version in 2019. The company generated sales of 325 million euros in 2021, and is valued at 4.3 billion euros. Kylian Mbappé has become the face of this new simulation, despite the fact that he’s basically strict against sports betting.

The four canceled projects for the parents of Pokémon GO

Niantic is the incredibly talented company that blew up the world by bringing Pokémon to mobile. 6 years ago, the studio launched Pokémon GO, a game that adapted the concept of INGRESS, the previous Niantic production, which put this famous concept in Pokémon sauce with all the success we know. As a reminder, the developer team is made up of former members of Google Maps who created a community game based on geolocation. The principle is simple, you walk on the ground and you earn points by activating points of interest near where you are. Pokémon GO takes this principle by adding Pokémon Hunting as well as battles in arenas scattered all over the world. Having become a real social phenomenon to the point of creating a second Pokémania, Niantic recipes have exploded. This allowed the studio to start projects of the same kind, with success not always present. We can cite Harry Potter: Wizard Unite closed its store in January 2022. After these failures, the company must shed 85 to 90 jobs, and eliminate 4 projects. Among the cancellations was a Transformers game called Heavy Metal, which was announced last year. There is also another movie called Hamlet, produced in partnership with the Sleep No More collective, which featured its new type of interactive theater. As for the other two projects, we only have the code names: Blue Sky and Snowball. The company still has projects in store, even though those four games have been cancelled. The National Basketball Association has already signed a partnership with Niantic to develop the NBA All-World.

Hunter X Hunter: This is why the manga isn’t over yet…

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best selling manga in the world, which unfortunately we still don’t have the end of. The last volume was released in 2018, and fans are eagerly awaiting the result. Over the past few months, the manga’s author, Yoshihiro Togashi, has been back in service, teasing the future of his creation with a great deal of humor and mystery. However, fans of the saga are still wondering why it took so long before this popular series came out and the manga ended. In a short message posted recently, the author shared the situation he’s working on on his manga sequel. In fact, Yoshihiro Togashi had been suffering from serious back problems that made his life difficult for more than two years. Wishing him good luck and a speedy recovery!

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