What is an Industrial Computer, IPC, or Rugged Computer?

Many areas benefit from the development of computer technology. The industry is part of it. Most production processes in this sector are computerized. Many companies are running digital transformations on a daily basis in order to compete and produce more, with as few errors as possible. An industrial computer is usually located in the center of the selected facilities.

Industrial computer: what is it?

a industrial computer It differs from a consumer PC on several levels. This computer is used in a “hostile” environment, usually at the factory. As its name suggests, it is used in various sectors of industry, including in particular the agricultural, steel and textile sectors.

This type of computer is known by many names, at the same time we are talking about boosted computer, rugged computer in English, IPC or even hardened computer.

Whatever its name, a hardened computer can perform the same tasks:

  • L ‘CPI Industrial personal computer is often used to process and analyze a large amount of production or marketing data
  • This computer enables production line automation. The advantage of using it is to increase the number of products while reducing the risk of error
  • An industrial computer is also used to remotely control production equipment, such as furnaces or industrial machines.

All of these global missions achieve the same goal: to allow rapid growth of the company and to facilitate the work of employees.

What are the types of industrial computers?

before choosing a solid computer Or a booster computer, it is advisable to know all the formats on the market. The best known is the fanless model which comes in the form of a sturdy stand-up box that you can find from various industrial computer manufacturers. The main difference between it and consumer PCs is that it is more resistant to shocks, vibrations and temperature extremes. They usually contain cooling fans including dust filters.

Regarding the motherboard, it is not tied to processors or chips and generally has many ISA and PCI ports.

  • HP 14 EliteBook 840 G3 Ultrabook – Full HD (1920×1080) Core i5-6300U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Webcam, WiFi, Windows 10 Pro (French QWERTY keyboard) (Refurbished)

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Factories in the industrial sector use other forms ofHard PC. These are basically durable synthetic discs. This tablet is particularly powerful and practical. Withstands a fall of more than one meter. It also has basic features like GPS, WLAN, Wifi, Bluetooth or camera.

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The computer board It is another format that is similar and different at the same time. Just like the tablet, it allows control via the touch screen.

What is an Industrial Computer, IPC, or Rugged Computer?  #2

However, this computer is often built into a wall or other types of support.

Knowing the types of industrial computers is a first step in purchasing the most appropriate hardware for the industry. It is also necessary to contact an industrial computer manufacturer in order to obtain a reliable computer and it is advised to check some items before placing an order.

IPC is often used in harsh environment. Therefore, it is necessary to withstand shocks and falls. A durable computer must be usable at very low and high temperatures between -20°C and +60°C. Ideally, it should also have strong resistance to moisture, dust, and water.

Do not hesitate to ask the opinion of our specialist sales staff, they will be able to direct you to the models that are most suitable for your production environment, and they can also offer you maintenance contracts in addition to basic insurance to ensure the optimal operation of your vehicle facilities.

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