Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 on sale directly with us

sales. The second summer sale sale has been launched for many event participants. Find our selection of the best live shows.

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The Summer 2022 Sale enters its second week with new offers and promotions. Among the most sought after offers at the moment we find once again the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11! The latter is now available at only €149 with the promo code FRDETE020 on Aliexpress!

Summer 2022 sales are already seeing their first reduction. Many prices are coming down again at some merchants, especially the discount. New offers are also posted online as stocks become available. Find our live offers dedicated to the best summer sales promotions.

Please note that prices shown can change quickly depending on the news and stocks available during the 2022 Summer Sale.

Credits generally feature strong upgrades. But some brands not only offer simple price cuts, but also offer promotional codes. Thus, the latter makes it possible to take advantage of the most attractive discounts on products already involved in sales.

Rakuten continues to offer promo codes during sales! Get a discount of 30 euros on all sections of the fan and air conditioning with codes Cold 30 / Heat 30.


11:41 – Marvel’s Guardians of the galaxy for half the price!

Micromania also participates in sales thanks to its good deals! The video game reference site bears the title Marvel’s Guardians of the galaxy at only €29.99! This is a 50% reduction compared to its introductory price.

11:22 – Inexpensive computer keyboard for sales

The discount is sacrificing prices on many products for summer sale. The site has an AZERTY multimedia keyboard from Bluestork at an exceptional price! Count only €8 to get this desktop keyboard that will surely be able to help you out at times.

10:54 – Minecraft Dungeons on Nintendo Switch at €17 sales!

Boulanger also has some video game promotions for Summer 2022 sales! The site especially offers one of the latest Minecraft games at a very low price! Hack’n’slash Minecraft Dungeons is currently available at €17.49 on Nintendo Switch.

10:37 am – Bonsai Lego is set at -30% of Amazon sales

Amazon indirectly participates in the summer sales by offering attractive promotions! Discover LEGO’s popular Bonsai collection right now with a -30% promotion on its base price. This gorgeous set for your living room is now available for only €34.99 for a limited time!

10:04 – A MacBook Air for less than 1000 euros!

Do you want to fall in love with the computer with summer sale? MacBook Air 2020 is currently for sale at CDiscount. This powerful machine is currently offered at only €999.99 with sales 2022 offers! You’ll benefit from Apple’s M1 chip, but also a nice 13.3-inch screen.

09:49 – Selling Razer Wireless Headphones!

Summer sales continue with new offers. Micromania has a great promotion on Razer Hammerhead Wireless Headphones! With a discreet design reminiscent of the gaming brand, these headphones also have a charging box. It’s now available for €49.99 on Micromania’s website.

09:20 – Samsung Galaxy S20 FE at €499

CDiscount is currently selling the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for summer sales of 2022! The phone sees its price drop to only 499 euros! For this price, you will have a modern smartphone with a 4500 mAh battery and a processor compatible with 5G packages!

Summer Sale 2022 will be scheduled from Wednesday, June 22. Thus, the various proposed offerings will be distributed over a period of four weeks with several proposed write-offs by the brands participating in the event.

These dates belong to the majority of the country’s governorates, but not all! In fact, it is typical for external departments, as well as Moselle, to have staggered dates for their sales periods. Find all the dates a little lower in this article.

Summer 2022 sales will end on Tuesday, July 19. Hence, the event will take place over a total of four weeks, in order to allow consumers to take full advantage of the promotions available. However, these dates may vary according to certain sections, so feel free to open this article a little more to make sure you are concerned about the dates mentioned.

Sales will also be affected by several wide write-offs. These are at the discretion of merchants, but are generally offered weekly. Usually the second week of sales marks the second reduction, and so on. These periods are ideal for finding new and current, but enhanced, price dips.

Sales discount dates are highly sought after. These periods generally correspond to the best deals. The event participants do not fail to suggest new offers, or to enhance the already existing ones with the second and third price cuts. This is usually done during the second and third weeks of sales.

If the brands participating in the summer sales honor this tradition, then the second sales reduction will begin on June 29. The third price cut will go down around the 6th of July. However, these decisions still have to be determined on the terms of each brand participating in the summer 2022 sales.

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