11 Best Video Games Loading Screens (2022)

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Sometimes you have to wait for the game to finish loading the content, as all players know. What would normally be a lackluster experience can turn into a fun CD session or mini-game with the right developers behind it. Check out this list of our all-time favorite video game loading screens!

The coolest game loading screens ever

Invasion of the charge (1987)

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Gamers who have had the opportunity to play on the Commodore 64 will probably be very familiar with the lengthy console load times. This is why Invade-a-Load, a loading screen created by a third party, was included in most games that were on the Commodore 64. Much like Space Invaders, this simple, streamlined game gave players something to do While they waited for more than 5 minutes to load the explosive fist method.

Resident Evil (1996)

Image via Capcom

There are few things more terrifying than the unknown, and the loading screen of the Resident Evil video game plays to that. When you start loading, you get a very wide shot of a remote entrance. Slowly but surely, the player approaches the mysterious door. Sometimes there are cracks and frightening squeaks, but other times there is a deafening silence. When the game finishes loading, the player is thrown through the door and into the chaos of the gameplay on the other side.

Crash Tag Team Racing (2005)

Image via Radical Entertainment

Well, that’s a little disgusting. We had to include it because of the newness of the loading screen. The Crash Tag Team Racing loading screen features a static image of the characters with a black screen. When players mash any combination of keys or buttons (except for the ones that come out of the game, of course), they are greeted with a cacophony of belching and flatulence. The sounds truly capture the childlike nature of the Crash Bandicoot series. It’s also a weird, addictive way to kill time while waiting for the real game to start.

The Witcher 3 (2007)

Image via CD Projekt Red

The dark and cohesive backdrop of a medieval landscape might not be the most inspiring for loading screens, but the details are in the words. Like many other games, The Witcher 3 marries useful gameplay information when the game loads the next section. Where The Witcher 3 differs from the wider crowd is the amount of information provided to players. There are more than 115 different informative options that will appear on the player loading screen, from background in in-game information to simple tips to keep in mind during combat.

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Bayonet (2009)

Image via SEGA

Bayonetta loading screen is a popular feature of the game within the community. If you’re not very careful during the Bayonetta loading screen, you may be tricked into believing that there is nothing interactive there. But with a simple press of the tab key (our touchpad on other platforms) you can access a very useful detailed training mode for gamers. Try any variety you can think of to see how well it works in the real game.

FIFA 11 (2010)

Image via Electronic Arts

FIFA 11 players have the benefit of not having to sit idly by while getting ready for the real match. While loading the game into a match or training, players had the opportunity to deepen their skills. A screen appears with your player standing in front of a guarded goal. The goal is to get the ball into the goal before the game finishes loading, but unfortunately, it seems that this style of loading screen hasn’t carried over to current FIFA titles.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (2011)

Image via Bethesda

If you’ve played Skyrim, you can almost start hearing the soundtrack contemplating the loading screen. Painful musical instruments from your previous destination lull you into a smoky black screen. This screen will treat the players with animations along with the information. Sometimes you’ll get a 3D model of a Nord with a story about the race, but you’ll also likely see a giant with tips on how to beat it. Along with the character details, you will also receive simple information about cities, weapons, and organizations.

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The Sims 4 (2014)

Image via Electronic Arts

There’s nothing quite like a classic loading screen that gives you something to look at. When The Sims 4 moved away from the open world style seen in previous installments. This means that there were now more times that loading screens were needed. Iconic Plumpob episodes as various phrases move in the basement. Blurbs range from helpful The Sims 4 tips to weird puzzles, and even the famous screen that says OK.

Civilization Six (2016)

Image via Fireaxis Games

If you are going to wait a while on the loading screen, you might want something to keep you entertained. Civilization VI had players in mind when they created the user interface for the loading screen between game scenes. Players can access highly detailed pages of real-life lore and historical information. Discover different empires and kingdoms with practical details on how to deal with these factions in Civ 6. The best part is that the pages contain a lot of information that doesn’t age quickly.

Fallout 76 (2018)

Image via Bethesda

Fallout 76 has a feature of its loading screens that sets it apart from the rest: you can create them. Bethesda Fallout 76 is designed to use in-game screenshots as a slideshow gallery that welcomes you as you process the game. This can make a great option if you’ve taken photos of detailed American landscapes. However, you also have the option of filling it with fun, out-of-context images. To turn it off, you will also get useful information about the game at the bottom of the screen.

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