A futuristic fire station in Caen: Another location found by the computer

The future fire station was to see the light of day next to the Palace of Sports under construction in Caen (Calvados). Another site “under consideration,” according to Sdis 14, is near Bretteville-sur-Odon. © Maxence Gorréguès archive

Will there be anything new? fire station to me Cayenne (Calvados), next to Zenit and the futuristic Sports Palace? The answer is no. Well almost. The project has been postponed several times, and the project is not yet definitively buried at this location. But it’s just like.

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the Calvados Fire and Rescue Service Board (SDIS14) had to ratify the refusal of its location at the foot of Guilo Street. Three days later, Xavier Charles, head of the SDIS, announced above all that another, more satisfactory site had been found. outside Caen.

A plot of land of 7000 m2 has just been offered to us in the district of Koenig in Brettville-sur-Audon. It is currently being evaluated by Sdis teams to determine its advantages and disadvantages. Based on these results, we may decide to move the third rescue center project for Caen there, thus abandoning the barracks project next to Zenith.

Xavier Charles, 4th Vice President of Calvados County Council (CD14)

“Aberrant scaling” next to Zenith

In the discussion for several months, the abandonment was confirmed in the facts. With an in-house study conducted using Sdis’s At The Beginning of the Year software, Xavier Charles identifies. They made it possible to ‘model the computer [sic] Operation of a rescue center near Zenit.” For him, there are three points that make this study “useful”:

  • Since the project’s inception in 2015, the construction of a new emergency center has been aimed at “improving coverage of the Caen metropolitan area,” as Xavier Charles recalls. In particular, “southwest part, from Verson to Evrecy. According to the programme, “the rescue center located next to Zénith does not improve response times in Evrecy. The goal will not be achieved.
  • A rescue center next to the Zenith will not improve the “coverage of downtown Caen”, which is “really satisfactory” with the Volley-Kovritchev barracks in the north and Efes in the south. “The time saved will be only 35 seconds”;
  • Above all, the location in Zenith will make the future barracks the “first emergency center in the assembly” with 6,000 planned interventions, as opposed to 5,000 for the other two. But its “skewed size” according to Xavier Charles – barely 4000 square meters – would make it possible to achieve only “half of that size”, as well as “without the possibility of extension”.

The program refers to Bretteville-sur-Odon

Because of this, and because the project budget fell from 2.6 million euros to 3.3 million euros, with the explosion in the cost of raw materials, Sdis 14 “turned to the governor and conglomerate Caen la Mer so that they would propose another site”, explains Xavier Charles, “according to the models made by the program ” .

And since the algorithms are good, they pointed out an ideal location, in Brettville-sur-Audon. Where, coincidentally, a vast site has been transformed by Caen la Mer, since the departure, in June 2010, of 18e Signal regiment. So far, this site was just a guess. Not even Plan B.

Caen la Mer only showed it “last week” according to Xavier Charles. This is why she is an “expert”. If the examination is ‘final’, then ‘Zenith Project Abandonment’ will be recorded. “The decision will be made in July,” the head of Sdis 14 promised.

“Kenny deceived” to the opposition

For the minority elected representatives to the county assembly, the ambiguity that keeps this subject matter is “entirely unique”. Eric Fife (PS) and Alexandra Belgodi (EELV), county councilors in Caen-5, emphasized that “the local right will run civil security with a lot of amateurs”.

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In their own words, “The people of Caen were deceived in this matter.” why ? “In 2015, when the decision was made to close the Canada Barracks downtown, it was in exchange for opening new barracks.” They insist, “There was no suspense. Logic dictated that we had to open it before Canada closed.” And elsewhere than one sector, Zenith, “whom we have been warning for years that their location was not good.”

Instead of the “local right”, the left on CD 14 was “Re-examine the possibility of reopening the Canadian Barracks” after disassembly. She would have chosen “Probably Brettville-sur-audun instead of Zenith” in the news. Now, sorry for the lost time, 180,000 euros have already been allocated for studies of the future barracks site next to Zénith, and above all the “severe malaise” within the Caen firefighters, who have just re-launched their social struggle with their management.

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