Kyrie Irving would be excited to join LeBron at the Lakers

At 8:49 p.m. French time, a 7-magnitude earthquake struck the NBA planet when Kevin Durant asked to be moved from the net. And if KD’s future is clearly the hottest topic in NBA news at the moment, Kyrie Irving’s future is pretty interesting. Unsurprisingly, the Lakers rumor is back.

Before Kyrie Irving made the $36 million player option earlier this week, rumors were growing that he might be sent to Los Angeles. We heard that Uncle Drew was hot to join the City of Angels and find LeBron James, so much so that we started thinking about the totally crazy scenario in which he’d turn down his player’s option to become a free agent and sign for just $6 million in LA via a mid-level taxpayer exception. Today, that scenario is no longer part of the field of possibilities, but that doesn’t mean Irving’s arrival to the Lakers will be tossed in the trash. On the contrary, because the cards have been officially redistributed since the transfer request from KD. according to ESPNIrving had already let those around him know he wanted to join the legendary California franchise and force him to make it to Los Angeles. Oh damn, here we go again. Some insiders have hinted in recent days that Kerry’s transfer is still possible even after he’s made his player choice, and that’s clear today even if we didn’t think KD would be the origin of that reversal of the situation. The difference from earlier this week is that Irving is now under contract for the 2022-23 season for $36.5 million (the value of his player option), and a potential transfer will be made on that basis.

Kyrie Irving’s arrival to the Lakers – whether on a two-team or multi-team deal – will likely include Russell Westbrook, who just received the $47 million player option. on set NBA todayinsiders Zack Lowe and David McMenamin – who covers the Lakers’ team for ESPN We just discussed this possibility, which would be more credible now that Kevin Durant has chosen to turn the tables in the office of Nets Managing Director Sean Marks.

“According to my sources, the Clippers are not interested in Kyrie Irving. Same for the Dallas, although they just lost Jalen Bronson, who can still change a few things. The Knicks just brought back Bronson. So go back to the Lakers. If you’re in Brooklyn and see My team is blowing up, and fitness doesn’t really matter, I was tempted to send Ross back by choosing me as an unprotected draft.”

– Zach Lowe, on NBA today

Future free agent In 2023, Kyrie Irving will not remain in Brooklyn once his contract expires. We can say without a chin shake today, which means the Nets will have to sell it again by the February trading deadline at the latest. But it would be beneficial for Shawn Marks to find a deal during the holiday period, as he will have less wiggle room in a few months when he has to move Kerry to avoid losing him without the slightest consideration. Could the deal Zach Lowe proposed be interesting enough in the eyes of the Brooklyn administration? Venture capital and a contract expiring at 47 million, not bad for a man like Uncle Drew whose value has reached an all-time low. And on the other side of the fence, it’s a chance to end Ross’ experience of reuniting Irving with LeBron, and forming a new top three with Anthony Davis in order to return to the top spot.

“The Lakers view Kerry as a fantastic talent, who has proven his ability to play well on the bigger stage alongside LeBron James. They know they need to be better than last year and this could be the way to get rid of Russell Westbrook and his 47m. And frankly, This could be the kind of trade that would cause the Lakers to give up their draft picks, which they’ve always wanted to keep until then.”

– Dave McMenamin, on NBA today

Keri Irving at the Lakers, are we going to go straight? In any case, the rumors about Uncle Drew’s arrival in the City of Angels have just received a huge boost, and the trade is probably the most plausible today for both teams. A word of advice: Stock up on popcorn, because the 2022 season is going to be epic.

Text source: ESPN

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