Paddle Gym: The New Fitness Exercise

Rowing, paddle yoga, or stand-up paddleboarding is a sport that consists of standing on a stand-up board. And to be able to practice it correctly, the board must be longer than the one in regular waves. The exercise consists in pushing yourself with this board, which is also called a paddle. It is a very complete physical activity that works the whole body. Gymnastics in a new way, in a way, aphorism gym paddle.

However, it is good to specify Which paddle to choose and the characteristics of each.

What is a gym?

Keep your balance wellHere’s what we need to prepare for beforehand paddle exercise. On a very large plank that can reach up to 4m in height, balance is essential for a full-body workout. The health benefits of this practice are enormous. The rower gym allows you to muscle strengthening, to work out the heart rate. Exercising over a longer period and depending on the goals, the benefits to the body can be much greater.

The gym is an exercise that lasts about an hour. The time is calculated according to exercises next:

  • Warm up well before you start: This takes about 15 minutes and is always practiced on the board with leg kicks. Also, during the warm-up period, it is recommended to sculpt the upper body by lying on the racket in circular motions of the arm.
  • Get on the board well: it is necessary to maintain a certain balance. What is difficult on the first try. This is why a good warm-up before starting is a must.
  • Diversity of exercises: it is important to Diversity of exercises Such as push-ups and squats and find some balance in them while maintaining a variety of rhythms.

This is why gym paddles Divided into several categories:

  • The paddle yoga: As for yoga lovers, this sport is made Create a real sense of well-being. From the plank, as many postures can be achieved as with classical yoga. Its peculiarity is that it is qualified for all age groups and physical conditions.
  • L ‘paddle aqua : This is a new way to fitness exercise And in a new environment. It can also be called stand rowing. The pool remains the best designated spot on a paddle board. The peculiarity of this exercise is that it allows you to exercise the whole body.

The paddle practices It varies according to the individual’s needs. Keeping the racket balanced is still important.

Who can exercise it?

The Rowing is not too restrictive. Whatever the person’s physical condition and age, the key is knowing how to stand on the board while keeping your balance. It is a very fun sport that we do without pressure, on the contrary, it has the effect of relieving the tension that we feel during working days.

On the other hand, it is recommended Women in pregnancy To use Paddle yoga, more focus on joint exercises and relaxation.

However, it is necessary to paddle exercise Accompanied by a professional for proper support and guidance on the ideal positions according to the month of pregnancy.

Benefits of rowing on the body

The gym paddle It has many physical and mental benefits. Physically, it is an exercise that puts a lot of pressure on the abs and thus makes them work properly. It also allows extension Strengthening the muscles of the arms and thighs. In addition to being a physical activity, its fun side positively affects mental health. Furthermore, two 45-minute racket sessions per week are recommended, which is the equivalent of 4 sessions in an outdoor weight room.

Gym Paddle Disadvantages: Are There Really Any Disadvantages?

Like any sporting activity, it is important to observe best practices so that this does not happen suffer dire consequences. Above all, a good physical condition is recommended so that you do not end up with a tear or a muscle breakdown. Moreover, knowing how to swim is a must! Since the activity takes place in the water, falls during the first sessions are very common. So, if you have a hydrophobia, the gym Paddle is not for you!

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In any case, the information provided cannot replace the advice of a health professional.

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