Seven long-running video games to take a long time this summer

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If some take advantage of the holidays to put big books in their bags to devour under the canopy, then summer vacation is also an opportunity to make time to indulge in long and intense video games. pixel service team in Globalism He made a list by drawing among his favorites over the past twelve months.

Group trip: “The Triangle Strategy”

What could be better than an epic quest to enjoy your vacation? triangle strategy He is the worthy heir to this series Final Fantasy Tactics, with its turn-based combat and (relatively) simple progression trees. The heir of a small kingdom that is unfortunate to find itself on the frontier of all the geostrategic challenges of the continent, you are now faced with a war… and with all the horrific choices it poses.

Not only will you have to fight, but you’ll also learn how to impress your fellow travelers, whose voices weigh just as much as yours in the voices that determine each major story choice. Players in a hurry will find it slow and chatty. Fans of complex stories and well-thought-out strategic options will find what they are looking for for about forty hours.

Available for €49 on Nintendo Switch.

The main destination of 2022: “The Ring of Elden”

We’ve already had many occasions to say it: By bringing cinematic codes back to the forgotten history of video games, FromSoftware marked the depth of the video game in the 2010s. There are no longer games that are played softly with one hand, second in a bucket of popcorn, or worse, on his cell phone. In FromSoftware, the player regains control and responsibilities, and is forced to learn to master his weapon, environment and enemies, if he wants to hope for progress.

The result is cult games as hard as they are—and sometimes too many, according to some. The latest addition to the studio, elden ringIt’s just a request, but it trades in linear adventures Evil spirits where Sekiru Against an open, gigantic world full of surprises, explored at your own pace, even if it means ignoring the most complex challenges. Still exciting but more accessible than the average FromSoftware production, elden ring It will keep you dazzled for a hundred hours.

Available for €70 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Meet the amazing tribes: “Total War: Warhammer 3”

With wizards, knights, ghouls, and other nasty creatures, this video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s board games is not lacking in imagination. Don’t take it too seriously, however, it’s very strategic. Leading a giant army and conquering new territories can’t be an improvisation, in this final part of the trilogy war hammerfrom Creative Assembly, famous for its candidness all-out war.

However, this game remains welcome for beginners thanks to the introduction that remembers the basics point by point. Despite the outdated graphics (with the exception of a few cinematics), the campaigns that mix real-time battles and turn-based land management are breathtaking. The fine details of each of the eight factions make it possible to multiply the methods and ensure high replayability.

Available for €60 on PC, Linux and Mac. Free with a PC Game Pass subscription.

Great summer read: “The Chronicles of the Great Ace Lawyer”

If the rhythm is too slow Visual novels (or animated novels) can postpone the atmosphere of the late nineteenth centurye Horn, polished soundtrack and theatrical animation combine brilliantly here. And so the most famous avocado sagas return in a new composition, which combines two volumes available only in Japan so far. With this real interactive book for surfing on your couch, you’ll be surprised, despite the long dialogues and sometimes so bland script, not to see the time pass.

The game takes you to ten investigations through the magnifying glass, where you will have to pay attention to the smallest details to successfully uncover the culprits and bring out the truth. In full English, composition remains available for most beginners, especially since the difficulty is moderate and very academic lessons accompany you from the beginning.

Available for €40 on Switch.

To enjoy the lavish landscape: “The horizon is forbidden west”

Do you dream of wide open spaces? Travel to a futuristic American West with Forbidden horizon west. From the valleys of southern Utah to the Pacific coast of California, passing through the Yellowstone Mountains or the Nevada desert, this open-world game immerses us in fascinating settings inspired by real landscapes revisited in a post-apocalyptic setting. Along with its epic story and frightening battles with robotic wildlife, a sequelHorizon Zero Dawn It fulfills all its promises.

Those who aren’t tempted by the first authorship will make the same criticisms of this one: sluggish start-up, dialog tunnels, and intrusive player assistance. However, we’re well past the 30 hours required to complete the main story, discover its world, and complete its quests, without stopping ourselves from looking for amazing perspectives to capture using the portrait mode.

Available for €70 on Playstation 4 and €80 on PlayStation 5.

For those who still have the Clever Bison Card: “Crusader Kings III”

Everyone is (it’s wrong) not sensitive to the magic of a dusty card table that will open up many lists rich in numbers and multiple choice questions. Not quite exciting in the absolute (and the recent expansion, which adds the possibility to decorate a 3D palace to your liking, doesn’t change much), this device is nonetheless one of the most amazing medieval history simulators: Third Crusade Kingsthe game that allows us to take over any European, Asian or African breed, and lead it for six centuries and hundreds of hours.

Far from being a simple luminous Excel spreadsheet, the title of Paradox Interactive studio is actually a sort of “strategy game in which you’re the hero,” the interactive equivalent of throne of iron That would write before our eyes, and we could pick up the pen in them at any time.

Available for €40 on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, Mac, PC and Linux.

For those who prefer nightlife: “V Rising”

The most exciting video game is not necessarily Homer’s most exciting or most exciting game. There are experiments in which homeopathy is enjoyed by doing seemingly very small actions. V . height Thus, he seeks the help of a weak vampire to survive in a hostile world. Gather resources, build your castle to protect yourself from the sun’s rays, find the blood of new victims and fight monsters…

The slow discovery of this enchanted universe allows us to strengthen our character’s powers, and then explore new areas. Thus, the addictive and time-consuming nature of resource management is matched by the adrenaline in combat. This sudden success since the beginning of the year, which is currently being reached early, is also an excellent social experience: it is so much better when you meet friends.

Available in early access for 20 EUR on PC.

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