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Located not far from Himeji in Japan, Banshutoyo Golf Club offers a unique environment with upscale services. This 18-hole course posts sight points on every shot. A real pleasure for the visitor, especially if he takes the shopping cart option for his collection.

On my first golf experience in Japan, I feel queasy as I observe the smallest of details. Everything is different but the game remains the same. Once you enter the club house, you can walk a short walk to the locker rooms. In a large room, cupboards are tied. I left some things there.

Our group meets abroad. Here the cart is mandatory. It’s 4 seats and the bags are arranged in the back. Caravan from Hell will be driven around the course by this day cart, optionally. I rented clubs and ended up with a Callaway Warbird set in solid condition. Is it worth noting that the clubs are clean and this is a complete set without duplicates? Once the bag is attached to the back of the wagon, we head out onto the green for some chips. I won’t get a chance to test drive it.

It’s barely eight in the morning and we feel like it’s going to be hot. Water bottles are distributed before directing us to the start.

When I get out of the club, especially at the beginning of the day, I feel like I’m on the grid during a motorsport weekend. Dozens of golf carts in a row, the cans occupied to ensure nothing is missed while honoring schedules. We tourists try to find our way through this organized bustle.

The first lane stands in front of us as a drawbridge. Without much surprise and cold, I split my first drive. I ended up playing pinball with the bamboo.

base tees forward

At the time, I was told that it would be necessary to play from the front tees located 100 yards from the green in 4 seconds and 200 yards from the green in 5 seconds. Since this started in the fairway, I’m going to play the fourth shot! Aside from the extra hit, the idea is honest. This rule avoids finding a ball or making a temporary return of the ball from the tee. Here everything is done to speed up the game, ensuring maximum filling.

The cart is automatic and does not leave the track along the track. The shopping cart has a remote control that allows you to transport the machine to the next checkpoint. If the caddy is busy searching for a player’s ball, passengers can press one button and the trolley will head straight to the next point.


Play with the can

Personally, I prefer to take care of my job, especially in golf. It’s part of my routine. But I admit that having a stand that knows the track and helps you through the smallest stages of the game is very convenient. You can save time while increasing his focus on the shot to be played.

If you miss a piece of green and a chip, you don’t have to go get a racket. He holds our cans in his arms with wedges and four player rackets. Once on the green, the can cleans your ball. In short, like a pro.

At Banshutoyo Golf Club, the cart in addition to being mandatory and included in the green fee, is unavoidable. It must be admitted that with a difference in height in some holes such as 18 for example, this justifies its use. The case, on the other hand, will cost you $120 for 18 holes.

Nothing stands out. Everything fits together perfectly. I find it hard to get used to this mid-term break, even if it allows me to savor Japanese dishes. It’s a little hard to swallow having lunch before 12 noon. Fortunately, appetite comes with eating. Even a snake caught crossing the passage in the ninth slot wouldn’t spoil my appetite.

Very early lunch at the end of the first nine slots.

More landscaping on the way back.

The first nine holes offer interesting perspectives, but the payoff is more than that. Whether it’s in the direction of the game or if it’s just by spinning on the tee or the green, perspectives and landscapes are constantly connected. And we end up with a sumptuous 18. High start, water body to cross. But the perspective deceives it is not so narrow.

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