Elden Ring: What should he do from the program next?

There is no denying that Elden Ring is the star of early 2022. We should be getting close to 15 million copies sold right now. It’s massive and this extreme popularity has changed a lot of things for From Software studio. The studio is, more than ever, in the spotlight and you’ll see that its future has already begun… So: “What is the continuation of the massive success of Elden Ring?”. We’ll answer that question that obviously works a lot for you…


  • The Elden Ring: His Near Future
  • A fresh, clean start…
  • More output, more icons?
  • Elden Ring 2? really ?
  • Is the caliphate already on the right track?

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Let’s first talk about the immediate future ofelden ring. The studio is not done with the goose that lays the golden eggs. It is confirmed and even validated by Hidetaka Miyazaki, Head of From Software and producer of the project, who gave an interview to a Japanese magazine. We knew updates would already be arriving, as has been the case since release. If you know the studio a little, you can imagine that the game will likely benefit from its success One or more DLCs. We told you about it in our various episodes of JV Lordedicated to the Elden Ring, But there are completely unused places in the game, in particular the stands scattered on the map, which do not have a story attached. This is the studio’s opportunity to create PVP zones out there, or even narrative sequences.

The history of the Elden Ring is very rich and the game begins shortly after the battle, while the kingdoms are destroyed and emptied. So it may be interesting to immerse ourselves in the past in a certain area: the Raya Lucarya Academy during its looting, the Radan Castle under the attacks of Malinia forces, … In short, many intense corridors like we saw in the cinema or in the trailers and that we would like to explore ourselves in Additional content. And when we see the number of base game buyers, who want more after 150 hours of play, the fee for the large sprawl paid out seems to be a particularly logical and exciting move for studio and publisher Bandai Namco.

A fresh, clean start…

From Software, the studio behind Elden Ring and many other games through the ages, a Japanese company that has its flaws. Hard work, stress at work, low wages … In short, the trilogy of passion for the job, which we have learned to denounce in the West, but in Japan it is still part of the furniture and still finds very little echo in the press. Bad luck, when Elden Ring sales made millions in late February and early March 2022, people started to get a feel for the working conditions internally. As evaluated by studio staff, on Career Connection, the box is rated 2.6 out of 5. this is few. So, at first glance, we are stressed, underpaid, not very happy at work when we work at From Software, and in the face of success, it quickly becomes important. Especially since it’s 2022, and redemptions are common this year. So the question for From Software would be to improve the bride’s clothes…

As president and principal producer of the fund, Hidetaka Miyazaki now takes this observation seriously and has claimed that, for several months, he changed lines. It must be said that following the success of Elden Ring, the fund launched a massive recruitment drive everywhere and assured its candidates by raising the salaries of young graduates. On the cohesion side of the group, we’re now betting on strong synergies between developers, and we’re actively fighting against work burnout, what we usually call a crisis and which accompanies many AAA products that are a bit eager to get out. FromSoftware wants fresh blood for its upcoming projects. The studio needs it and guarantees aspirants a better salary than before. On top of that, bonuses and performance bonuses are added. Miyazaki gives it up with Elden Ring, since the game was a success, it brought in 4 months extra pay for the main members of the team. So Miyazaki reassures the market: Working at From Software turned out to be great, and if he said that, it’s not for nothing…

Elden Ring: What should he do from the program next?

More output, more icons?

To understand what will happen after Elden Ring, you also have to understand how the studio and its catalog will operate from now on. For now, he’s a structure that still revolves a lot around Hidetaka Miyazaki, its star producer and CEO. And specifically, this problem, he is well aware of. It’s his studio icon, which is a risk to the company. But since he does not intend to give up his leadership and creative positions, Now he wants to highlight other developers from his teams. That’s why you’ll see more and more software productions, projects that have very little impact on them. For him, creators and their teams are sacred, and management should not be involved. After all, it’s the same philosophy that made his career successful, and he wants to reproduce these conditions so that other minds stand out, within teams that are now more fulfilling.

Elden Ring: What should he do from the program next?

As we have seen, 2022 is an active period for the studio: hiring, salary increases and a multiplicity of projects with new stars to highlight. This should provide good stability for the studio, and it is no coincidence that From Software is the target of acquisition rumors. A few weeks ago, analysts were talking about a Sony acquisition, which would be a very big step. So it’s important that a fund full of capabilities like From Software, be as clean as possible, with a good return, and a regular catalog. So construction sites were fired, all over the place and on the catalog side, can you imagine the studio actually had a lot of cartridges in its barrel…

Elden Ring 2? really ?

“Among the projects already being worked on, is there an Elden Ring 2?” It’s a legitimate question when you see the path of a particular Dark Souls character that was authorized for three coded episodes. However, the sequels, Miyazaki, are really nothing. It’s something we constantly ask of him. His favorite projects are Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and Elden Ring, so every single shot, which changes the narrative history, does not yield to fashion for numbered wings. So Elden Ring 2, especially since the game is self-sufficient, looks perfect. Moreover, in the near future, Miyazaki is already very busy. He says it himself: “In addition to the titles I make myself, I participate in the development of many games made by other directors, but I can not talk about them.” So there are many unannounced projects in progress, led by other pioneers.

Elden Ring: What should he do from the program next?

He also adds on the subject: “I think we can show you other colors from From Software.” The goal in the near future is simple: change the registry a little. It’s true that with Elden Ring, we’re in the apotheosis of a genre, formula, and vision, and staying on the same scale can be risky. No other projects are known at this time, but if you want a taste of what From Software can produce outside of its comfort zone, check out Uprooted. This PSVR project, which wasn’t necessarily to everyone’s liking, is a Miyazaki game that Miyazaki is very fond of, as it proves that the studio can try things out without having an outdated RPG structure. So we better understand how a few months ago we ended up with stolen photos of A possible remake of the Armored Core saga, from the main saga of the program before Miyazaki developed his own internally code-breaking demon spirit.

Is the caliphate already on the right track?

In the Japanese interview we use as a source here, Miyazaki admits that he is a little tired of setting up the dark fantasy he has built. He wants a more abstract, perhaps more delirious fantasy, that goes beyond standards. He says that himself, the collaboration with Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, or even the choice of the open world, made it possible to get From Software from the niche game. There are plenty of opportunities out there with a whole new audience ready to join in. And while developing Elden Ring, he admitted that he put a lot of ideas aside, ideas that don’t really fit into the game’s setting or game design. So it’s a safe bet that we’ll find Miyazaki in a few years in a project in the opposites of the Elden Ring in terms of atmosphere and tradition.

Regarding the immediate future of his products, on the other hand, you should know that one of his projects, dating back to at least 2018, is coming to an end. We should, logically, see the first pictures very soon. So is this the new version of Armored Core we talked about earlier? Very likely and not sure that everyone will like it…

Concretely, to answer the initial question “what after Elden Ring?” There is a long-term project that will bear fruit soon. The latter is overseeing by Miyazaki, and hopefully his use of his terminology will be more “abstract”. We must not forget about the “projects” of the third-party teams of From Software, which the company is vengefully recruiting to bring in new internal stars. We are talking here of a busy catalog of a studio urgently correcting its brand image and refining its Elden Ring masterpiece which, we hope, should receive content in both quantity and quality. As you understand, From Software is not idle and intends to speed up the pace, buoyed by the global success of its latest game.

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