Here is the hardest platinum cup to win in history

On Playstation 4There are many challenges that you can complete to give yourself a hard time. In fact, Getting the platinum gaming cups is a great goal To allow you to complete it 100%.

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Super Mate Boy [Import allemand]




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Platinum Cup

Get a Platinum Cup in a video game It can be difficult sometimes. This reward is given to players who have completed all the tasks set by the system. In fact, It is not enough just to complete the game to get this trophy. It will also take Perform all side quests, get all items, sometimes start the story several times. Platinum trophies allow you to discover all the possibilities of the game, but also all its secrets by sometimes forcing you to restart the level for several hours!

It’s a great way for players to compare scores and challenge each other. There are also people who specialize in getting platinum awards as quickly as possible. There are even records for that!

Once the player can complete all the tasks requested by the system, He will get his own trophy which he can thus highlight in his user profile : Imagine being able to put the prize given for the hardest game first. Thus some games can be completed quickly, in less than a few hours, while others require days of hard work in order to get a simple goal. On top of that, some missions can only be completed at certain times in the game, and sometimes you’ll have to start the whole story multiple times to get them all and unlock your platinum trophy.

SuperMeatBoy: The Hardest Game

Supermate Boy It is a very simple platform game where you have to save the princess steak on very different levels. In a nod to the platform games of the 80s, the graphics remain simple, but don’t be fooled by appearances, they are One of the hardest games to complete its generation. The principle is so funny because the fact that you embody a piece of meat makes you almost invincible. You can die in levels and reappear without difficulty. You will simply leave some traces of your failures in pools of blood when you lose a life. In order to be able to complete the game, iYou will then have to pass all the levels without dying. The first levels remain available, but the higher the difficulty, the more difficult it will be to stick to that goal. There are also several levels of difficulty that make your task more complex. When you collect certain in-game items such as Band-Aids, “Dark” versions of levels appear that were peaceful and make your life difficult!

It is interesting to note that it is Fairly popular game PS4. In fact, there are now more than 230,000 users. but, Only 0.3% of the players managed to complete the game 100%. So it is a perfect opportunity to be able to become an outstanding player and be part of 617 players who have achieved achievement in completing all the missions of the game. Objectives: Complete all levels of the game without dying once. Some side quests will activate the rest of your quests, but they are still available. Thus, the challenge is to finish certain levels in the “dark” mode, which is sometimes considered impossible. The The last game “Cotton Alley” in the world is also very popular, because two versions of the level are very complex to achieve: whether it is the light or dark version, you will need a lot of luck or talent to be part of the 0s, 27% of the players who completed the level.

So SuperMeatBoy is an attractive game that has a very long life: don’t think you can finish it and get your platinum trophy in a few hours! However, you can get help with the many videos and tutorials available online to help you finish it all. However, you must be patient to get the toughest Platinum trophy on PS4!

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