Rudy Gobert leaves for Wolverhampton and joins Karl Anthony Towns!

WOJ bombs keep dropping at the start of Free Agency! While we already had our first big deal on Friday with Malcolm Brogdon arriving at the Celtics, it was a deal of even greater volume that ignited the NBA. Ladies and gentlemen, Rudy Gobert is coming to the Wolves!

Just 24 hours ago, Kevin Durant requested a transfer from the Nets. Meanwhile, there were countless trades as the market opened Thursday night at midnight. A few hours earlier, Malcolm Brogdon was sent to the Celtics. And now, we have our compatriot Rudy Gobert to be transferred! The bomb was sent by Adrian Wojnarowski fromESPN, always faithful to the post to announce the biggest earthquakes. Inevitably, under the shock of the news, we wanted to know as soon as possible what the exchange Minnesota issued in such a trade. He fell a little later, still in the hands of the woe: Paisley’s owner, Pat Beverly, rookie Walker Kessler, Jared Vanderbilt, Leandro Bolmaro, and especially four picks from the first round. Yes, Wolves have just added Gobert to a list already made up of Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards, D’Angelo Russell, and even Jaden McDaniels. In the short term, the deal is too heavy for Minnesota, but the Wolves had to give up a very large venture capital on Jazz to secure Rudy’s services.


  • Minnesota is recovering: Rudy Gobert
  • Utah recovers: Beasley Owner, Pat Beverly, Walker Kessler, Jared Vanderbilt, Leandro Bolmaro, 2023 Draft 1st round (unprotected), 2025 Draft 1st round (unprotected), 2027 1st round (unprotected), 2029 Draft 1st round (top 5 protected)

New Wolves manager Tim Connelly arrived a few weeks ago from Denver. Wasted no time to wear cojones On the table. It’s simple, in a few years, this move can only be seen in two possible ways: either it will allow Minnesota to play the leading roles in the West until it reaches unprecedented heights (only the conference finalist in franchise history, in 2004), or it will be considered As a transfer that sacrificed an entire part of the wolves’ future. Anyway, today Minnesota has officially changed its dimensions by adding a Triple Defender of the Year who will make up the XXL Racket with KAT, while Anthony Edwards will do his crazy stuff outside. From a minor qualifying playoff to this year’s playoff championship, it now appears that the Wolves are capable of integrating the big leagues.

Jazz side? It is clearly the end of an era. By breaking up with Royce O’Neal yesterday against the Nets’ first-round draft pick, the Utah franchise felt they were preparing for something bigger. Today, we find ourselves with this blockbuster movie in our hands that looks like the beginning of a reconstruction, or at least a transition. Six first-round draft picks were caught in the span of 24 hours, and Danny Aing is no doubt to blame. According to Woj, the Jazz now intend to “revamp” their roster around star guard Donovan Mitchell, who was consequently chosen over strong defense Rudy Gobert to be the true face of the franchise’s next era. Thus, early and back-to-back playoffs finally overshadowed the duo and with coach Quinn Snyder, leaving the Utah bench for the past eight seasons and replacing a young and inexperienced Will Hardy, the Jazz team really started to take off. new trend. And there may still be other moves regarding Mike Conley, Bojan Bogdanovic and his cohorts.

Rudy Goubert and Jazz, So It’s Over. After nine seasons in Salt Lake City, three All-Star picks, four NBA picks, and three Defender of the Year titles, the three-color giant will try to take the Minnesota team to the next level. A real change for Rudy, a big challenge too.

Text source: ESPN

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