Standings and results of the third day as Carlos Ortiz defeated Dustin Johnson

Carlos Ortiz leads Dustin Johnson with just one stroke after the first round in Live Portland

Watch all the action as Dustin Johnson and Carlos Ortiz take center stage in the final round of the second LIV Golf event.

Johnson made an eight-bird card at Round 68 at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club in Portland, Oregon yesterday as the world number one seeks to win the £3.25 million jackpot. Ortiz, one of the newest Saudi-backed opposition recruits, shot 69 goals to ensure he joins Johnson at the top of the standings in eighth place. Their closest competitor comes in the form of Branden Grace, who shoots in two shots. His South African teammate Justin Harding starts a five-under shot, while Brooks Koepka and Patrick Reed are still in great fortunes as they start four shots off the lead.

There is certainly one man not ready to be charged and that is Phil Mickelson, who suffered another scorching week after his disastrous performance at the US Open. The 52-year-old is six times as old, but will be back in action because LIV Golf events have no opponent. In the team event, 4 Aces GC led by Johnson leads at -15. South Africa’s Stingers GC, winner of the Centurion title last month, will start in second place. Follow all the procedures below:


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Ortiz’s momentum slowed slightly with Pars at 5 and 6 but the Mexican was still ahead with four shots.

The team came a little closer to the four fireballs (Johnson, Perez, Reed, Gotch) twice (Ortiz, Anser, Garcia, Lopez).

Tom KershawJuly 2, 2022, 11:07 pm


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LIV Golf has just announced that Paul Casey is their latest big signing. The England player, who once said he refused to play in Saudi Arabia because he was a UNICEF ambassador, has missed the PGA Tour with a back injury since March.

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Few have seen Matthew Wolf drop after such an exciting start to his career on the PGA Tour, winning the top five US Open and the PGA Championship in 2020. He’s slipped nearly 50 places in the world rankings, but his impressive ninth-serving style is a reminder of his talent. . This is the movie that makes it a succession period for the 23-year-old. It is now at -3.

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4 Ortiz birds too! The Mexican is three under four holes, and after seeing that shot go down, Johnson blundered below his level. Ortiz now has four shots ahead of Harding. Johnson returns to -6 where Reed and Grace join him.

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Patrick Reed entered the competition with the Finch in a row at 5 and 6. He is now at -6, four shots above Ortiz’s lead.

Ortiz had only one win on the PGA Tour before breaking up with LIV. By fate, on this occasion at the Houston Open in 2020, Dustin Johnson was the runner-up.

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It was a good start for Carlos Ortiz. It hit a nice 211-yard 3×3 approach leaving a heavy duty cartridge shot. Confidently flip it over to go to -10. Johnson can only stabilize while Grace, having opted to turn away from the sideline and take a slope, sees her momentum stopped by a ghost.

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Johnson couldn’t get up and down the second after this wayward approach and fell back to -7 again. However, there are no such issues for Branden Grace, who is draining a child to join Johnson in the label. Ortiz has a nervous shot to save the ball but hits it to make sure he’s now two strokes ahead.

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Koepka achieves an excellent third place. His shot stopped at the edge of the bunker, and he threw an embarrassing shrapnel down the hill. Opening his face, he turned confidently toward him, and the ball bounced in front of him no more than two feet, and rolled and almost touched his lip. He punched holes in the slope to stay at -5.

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Johnson and Ortiz were off the tee in a second, firing their engines to the left leaving each other behind.

Ortiz has 172 yards inside and finds the middle of the green but it will be long from there.

Johnson is on the slope to get out of the tricky zone and fly away from the green. It will be from top to bottom.

Tom KershawJuly 2, 2022, 9:55 pm

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