The Four Stars to Watch at the Orleans Open 3×3 Basketball Tournament on Saturday

Time for the serious stuff, this Saturday, at Piazza Martroy! After four days of recreation between drops, Orleans Open Plus You will permeate the heart of downtown all day long and in the sun. “The level will be raised and the matches are intense,” Promised Maxime Jarrett, Federal Technical Adviser to L’Age du Center-Val de Loire, co-organizer of the event.

Twelve men’s and eight women’s teams will take part in the race, including some of France’s best, such as the Rennes URB players, or the women’s team Ballistic Bordeaux.

The competition, which is open to the public, begins at 10 am.. The finals are scheduled to start at 7 pm.

In the meantime, discover four of our event’s headlines.

Herve Touré

Herve Touré

Team: Black Monsters

2.05 AD, 40 years old, France

On top of the third best team in the ranking of the participating teams in Orleans, Hervé Toure, French basketball player. He trained at ASVEL in the early 2000s, and played about a hundred ProA matches (Pau, Nancy, Chalon, Boulogne-Levallois and Bourg-en-Bresse). The winger has also traveled extensively in his career, winning the Liga Sudamericana title with Venezuelan club Guaros de Lara in 2018. Hervé Touré has also worked over the years as a writer and businessman.

Aurore Pautou

Team: Rain URB

1.88 AD, 39 years old, France

Player of the tournament last yearAurore Pautou returns with the French champion Rennes URB team. The interior has, over the past year, become the first trans player to evolve in the Ligue 2 Women’s League, a level which she successfully spotted at 38 under the colors of La Tronche Meylan (15 points, 9 rebounds, rating 18.2). “Basketball and my transition have set me free and made me who I am today: strong and at peace,” she told Bea Baskett last year.

Denis Noskov

Team: Bao 3×3

2.03 m, 32 years old, Ukraine

Member of the selection of Ukrainian 3×3 and professional player of Odessa (Ukrainian D1), Denis Noskov He saw that his life had changed after the Russian invasion of his country in February. A refugee with his family in Béarn, where he played in 2016-2017, during his time in N1 with Tarbes-Lourdes, he was called by the “Pau 3×3” team and he successfully set off on an adventure on the French circuit. He was recently named Player of the Year at the Limoges Open Plus, which his team won.

Brian Bamba

Team: Rain URB

1.86 AD, 30 years old, France

He’s a player with a name and a face well-known to Orleans basketball fans, and he’ll be stepping onto Martroy Square on Saturday: Brian Bamba, who trained for three seasons at OLBBetween 2010 and 2013. The Parisian then continued his career in ProB, in Evreux, Lille, Nantes, Rouen, Caen and Poitiers. For two years, the 30-year-old leader wore Rin’s colors in N1. With Team Rennes 3×3, he will try to do better than last year, when Bretton lost in the semi-finals.

Our notes on the Orléans Open Plus 2021

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