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So close to the big start to the big ring on Friday, July 1, you can take a look at the annual Tour de France edition made in Nacon with cyanide development. The French studio, like every season, presents its iteration with the Tour de France 2022, hoping for all license enthusiasts that the latter will finally be renewed. A lap in the void or a fun episode this year? We ruled from Denmark to the Champs Elysees.

This year, it’s the Tour de France Valhalla! After Germany in 2017, and Belgium in 2019, from Copenhagen in Denmark, the big ring starts on July 1st to get a bit of a northern accent. A way to revamp the itinerary of a legendary cycling event. A chance for cyanide to change its programming to make it more exciting than previous seasons?

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First person view, great experience

Before starting, the annual distinction between Cyanide Studio and Nacon: Tour de France 2022 differs from Pro Cycling Manager 2022, with the second based on managing and managing a rider or cycling team in any season, while Tour de France takes care of live and manual management of a team or rider in several classics and one complete lapBig episode. After a tour of the tutorial, the controls are simple: you can manage the speed with the correct trigger, with a curated view of the convenience in the case of long stages. It is possible to put yourself in a hurry for a colleague or opponent to follow them effortlessly, and there are two measures of endurance. Blue, representing the long-term light voltage of the phase, and the red one for intense voltage during attacks. Available, two gels to fill up these gauges in the race, and renewed while refueling. Otherwise, descents or flat phases in someone’s wheel automatically fill in these scales.

No surprise in gameplay, strong point or weak point? Definitely a good point, because if you don’t play a license title, you’ll quickly take charge of that thing. Especially since it’s always possible to play from a first-person perspective, which makes for much more gripping than if the camera was behind the cyclist. On the other hand, newcomers will be disappointed at the level of fees, just like regulars who know the same bike models, commuters and trims using Ten good years of graphic lag in the latest sports especially on the latest generation of consoles.

Join the peloton

Tour de France 2022: A successful new start for the big tournament?

Most runners are officially licensed

If the background music hasn’t changed to welcome players at the game’s launch, the French studio has at least made an effort to offer a new, more elegant background than recent iterations. Otherwise, there isn’t much change to our dread except for the addition of “Race of the Day”, which is the online multiplayer related part that we’ll discuss later. A quick look in the settings let us see that Almost all riders and teams are licensed. This is not to say that the modeling is there, but the first and last name of the cyclists/teams are well defined. As a bonus, the official photo of potential participants in the big ring. Only the historical riders and Quickstep Alpha-Vinyl (which includes the best Frenchman Julien Alaphilippe) do not have the correct identity You will have to go through the customization box to put in the correct names.

Each participant had overall average scores for most of his attributes (mountain, sprint, descent, endurance, etc.) with mostly very good judgment on cyanide. The results of the steps are very consistent, whether you simulate the test or not. It’s impossible to see a runner like Bryan Coquard winning the Ventoux stage, or a climber like Tadej Pogacar winning a sprint ahead of a Sagan or Ewan. Undoubtedly one of the studio’s biggest works, Always trusted in its AI development. As for the possibility of shopping, it is still full. The Tour de France 2022 goes beyond the big ring with a massive number of stages available, with the classics of Paris-Roubaix, Liége-Bastogne-Liège and Primavera Classic (Milan-San Remo), new in licenseas well as the Critérium du Dauphiné, Paris-Nice, Tour de Bretagne …

Multiple new vision

Tour de France 2022: A successful new start for the big tournament?

There may be many races a day on the calendar

A new mode joins the classic events (doing the Tour of France, a custom tour where you choose stages or another simple event with a team), it’s Today’s Race Mode. At different intervals, there will be a multi-stage race, with a limited set of contestants. The best times will be entered into an online high score table. Smart mode, which brings variety and a specific challenge similar to Club mode in WRC 10. This is unfortunately the only content inspiration you can get with your teeth., a concern for fans of the saga who will still fall back on split screen (same screen) events with an IRL partner or competitor, MyTour (a mode that allows you to set up your own cycling event over 21 stages, with 3 days off) or Pro Leader mode ( The profession you control one rider). Unfortunately, the revival version has yet to arrive, but the Tour de France 2022 will be enough to delight the cycling enthusiasts who are embarking on the deep end this season.

strength point

  • Easy to learn with tutorial
  • take over management (mountain, sprint)
  • Realistic and consistent results
  • Injuries and Diseases Parameter
  • Just no licenses for Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Rider
  • New online with high score system
  • Lots of additional races (classic including Milan-San Remo…)

Weak points

  • Uninspiring content…
  • …and there is no new gameplay
  • Fee identical to its predecessors
  • There is still no rain or dynamic weather

It’s still time for the fake plate to fall into cyanide and nacon! The Tour de France 2022 is definitely a good sporting title in terms of live bike management, but especially for fans of cyclists new to licensing. Organizers will be disappointed that the new title introduces some new features, such as adding online multiplayer to compare your score with other players or the Milan San Remo race (called Primavera Classic). For the rest, TDF 2022 maintains the same quality in the racing animations, consistency of results for some really attractive game stages, and even more so if we’re into an FPS view. Good entertainment in parallel to the Tour de France with almost all the real names of the riders and teams, while you anxiously await the redesign of the title?

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