Video Game Collectors – Our Pick for Summer 2022

we are here. Two months of vacation for our dear ones, and some vacation that we teenagers deserve. In between two summer slums, we can finally indulge more in our passion for video games and try, somehow, to catch up on our backlog. At this point, we can be reassured that summer isn’t really synonymous with luxury in terms of video game releases, and this obviously applies to collector releases as well.

However, during those two months of beautiful sunshine, we hope we’ve dug you up some collecting boxes that aren’t bad for beetles, some of which might put stars in your eyes.. Unless you’d rather now start putting some precious money aside for the end of the year that promises to be explosive for our bank accounts.

  • Pocky & Rocky Reshrined Collector’s Edition (July 70 euros)

The month of June is put under the sign of retro, and also this month of July begins under the same auspices. Pocky & Rocky is indeed a license born in the early ’90s that has just found a new guy on Switch and PS4. In this shooter game, we have to control one of the five characters available to shoot anything that moves in different levels inspired by Japanese folklore. Cute as anything and effective, Pocky & Rocky Reshrined also has the good taste it gives us in a collector’s edition including OSTs, postcards, acrylic dioramas, collector’s items, and many other goodies. Note that a bonus version of 27 cm Rocky plush is also on sale for an additional €30. – StrictlyLimitedGames

  • Yuppie Psycho Collector’s Edition (July 29, €70)

Already the author of the very good The Count Lucanor, studio Baroque Decay did it back in 2019 with Yuppie Psycho, another 2D adventure game mixed with horror. With its rhythmic adventure and unique artistic direction, among other things, the title was a huge success and led to the formation of a huge fan community. So it’s no surprise to see a physical version, and even a collector’s item, arrive at our usual dealers. For this limited edition, in addition to the game on Switch or PS4 we’ll get the soundtrack on two discs, an acrylic diorama, a mask, a notebook, and a Mr. – Amazon, Leclerc, Micromania…

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collector’s Edition (July 29, about €90)

This is the biggest release of the summer, and the collector’s edition that will undoubtedly be the most complex to get this year. For the latest from Monolith Software, unpublished links are linked. In fact, Nintendo, which was due to launch at the beginning of September, has decided to bring the RPG’s release date forward to finally hold it back on July 29, likely to leave the field open for Splatoon 3 at the start of the school year. This is really not a trivial situation, but in addition, the usual series collectors box this time will be distributed only on the official Nintendo website.

Pre-orders should be open at the end of July, without further details at the moment, but it is possible to register on the manufacturer’s website to report the availability of the article. Be warned, if the lite version of the game version must be shipped, the chest containing the Steelbook and Artbook will be sent to it during the month of October. When Nintendo innovates, it doesn’t do it halfway… – MyNintendoStore

  • Replica of the Bayonetta Rifle (31 July, about 500 euros)

Are you also eagerly waiting for Nintendo Games or Platinum Games to finally reveal the Bayonetta 3 release date? For the richest fan, I thought of you First for Figures with a life-size resin replica of our favorite witch’s pistol. “These kids are special, and they’re made of an alloy for which Satan would kill himself. Don’t break them, because they’re one of a kind. The blacksmith Rodin declares the color and we humans can now simply wear one of the four models on display (or even all four if you have $2,000 to spend) Otherwise we patiently await a potential collector in Bayonetta 3. – First4Figures

  • Blade Runner: Ultimate Enhanced Edition (August 7, $175)

Introduced during the Summer Games Festival during the Limited Run Games Conference, Blade Runner is back in an updated edition titled Enhanced. This key point in the ’90s is of course taken from the movie Ridley Scott Itself is inspired by the book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” written by Philip K. Dick. Replica Rebel Hunt Ray McCoy It’s already available on various digital stores in 4K and 60fps, but it’s also possible to get the so-called Ultimate version on Switch or PS4. In addition to the game, this chest set includes a 1:1 scale replica of the Blaster, Replicant badge, Steelbook, lenticular pins, and more. A collector’s edition, less affordable, and a simple to order version are also available for $90 and $30 respectively – LimitedRunGames

  • The infamous Saints Row Edition (23 August, 100 euros)

To say that the announcement of a reboot of the Saints Row saga did not raise the crowds is an understatement. With its cartoonish look inspired by Fortnite’s aesthetics and direction dedicated to “young people” while painfully trying to tickle some fibers of nostalgia for the elderly who experienced the GTA-like genesis of the WTF from 2006, this new Saints Row managed to piss everyone off. It is also possible that in the face of public interest, Deep Silver has chosen to allow itself a few more months of development. So, if nothing changes, the game and Collector will be released on August 23 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This infamous copy will contain the exclusive Steelbook game disc, Expansion Pass, mini Artbook and many other physical and digital items. There is not much risk of a rupture in the near future, but you can already order it from the usual dealers. – Fnack, Amazon, Micromania…

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