3 video games of the week: Dolmen, Evil Dead The Game, Vampire The Masquerade Swansong

In the twists and turns of video game production, Le Café du Geek picks the top 3 issues of the week. Dolmen invites us to explore the world of SF that is both gigantic and violent. Evil Dead The Game is definitely an unforgettable tribute to the Evil Dead horror series. Finally, go to the dark side as one of the lords of the night in Vampire The Masquerade Swansong.


Did you bleed Elden’s ring? Looking for a new Souls-like to let off steam? So the Dolmen may catch your eye, if, of course, the future environment suits you. Here you are on a recently colonized enchanted planet which lives thanks to mining activity. Bad luck, portals opened across the planet, unleashing hordes of monsters eager to devour the helpless man.

Fortunately, you are not in this position, but you are armed to the teeth. Regarding the scenario, you will have to discover many clues and reports to successfully understand the entries and exits. However, this information is presented in drops and patches. The gampelay level took us slap and we got the impression of time travel. There is a lot of heft in the interface already, but also the speed of the shots for example. This distorts the energy-based gameplay system that requires a lot of ingenuity to exploit at best.

Visually, this is very good, the design of the monsters is very successful. For the rest, it doesn’t break a duck’s three legs either. The animation is still flawed, as if the developers rushed in too quickly to complete the game.

Dolmen, we saw

Dolmen is an interesting title, full of good ideas, but the silly style and some old-school gameplay points make the game challenging. However, a good challenge is to discover many things and the price of 35 euros allows you to set the record straight. Hoping to get a nice fix patch very soon.

Dolmen (PS5)

Dolmen Day One Edition (PlayStation 5)

Evil dead game

The editor behind these lines is an avid fan of Ash Williams. Having lived his adventures in the cinema and then in the series, he missed the video game and we can finally flesh it out. Once again, the moron who has never been to the movies read aloud the formulas from Necronicon, the Book of the Dead. The result, monsters invade Earth and Ash that either puts cover back in place with a double-barreled shotgun, chainsaw, and many other joys of dismembering demons. You will play a multiplayer game in asymmetric mode, four people as the survivors of the attack of the monster and the demon Kander who wants to get rid of him.

The four survivors will have to equip themselves with weapons and slaughter everything that comes close to them. You really have to stay organized and above all united. This results in fellows on the ground helping to get up, and combining your attacks. All this is orchestrated with a great brio, the dynamic scenes during the battles are as delicious as you wish. On the demonic side, you will embody him as in the movie, an ethereal being moving in space with a first-person perspective. You can grab a living creature, a tree, an animal, or a car, or throw the mischievous and deadly little ashes into a chest that survivors will surely open. You can then place the monsters at strategic points. Here, the visual effect is very close to what is shown on cinema or television screens.

We are facing a match with precision technology. Visually, we’re completely into the Evil Dead universe. We like browsing the old Ash hut, caves, palaces etc. This brings variety while the number of cards is limited. The audio part will give shivers to fans of the series. Finally, we love these characters from the movies and series who invite themselves to be in the action.

Evil Dead The Game, we saw

A great video game in honor of Sam Raimi’s work and we spent very intense hours, full of laughter and some goosebumps. This game is rarely scary, but it will give you pleasure that is rarely rewarded, especially since it is easy to find at a price of 35 euros.

Evil Dead: The Game (PS5)

Evil Dead: The Game (PS5)

swansung masquerade vampire

Mark Rein-Hagen created one of the role-playing game’s greatest successes with Vampire: The Masquerade. Dive into the night world of a Boston vampire in complete crisis. Thus, Prince Hazel summons three heroes from three opposing factions. The universe is dense and complex, and those who have not played a role-playing game for a long time or will never be lost. But this intensity forces us to stay focused.

We better be, because we’re mainly in a narrative game. Do your investigation, find out the sources of danger, but before you have many conversations. The more you advance in the adventure, the higher your skill. A small touch RPG that gives you “powers” or talents that you’ll use during your dialogues. Add a dash of exploration and we have a title that reveals its depth to those who go above and beyond.

It is visually difficult not to be charmed by the luxurious, sensual and delicately gory art direction. We are in a dark, violent and delicate world that hits the nail in the head. Add a soundtrack of rock music and also play symphonic music that makes you shiver sometimes.

The Vampire The Masquerade Swansong, our review

This title is a great homage to the original work, the whole is rich and coherent even if a bit surprising for the uninitiated. A new safe bet in the adventure game.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong (PlayStation 5)

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

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