Austin Reeves or the beautiful “Hilbilly Kobe” story

We’re in the 2021 draft. With the superstars in attendance, Cady Cunningham and Evan Mobley up front, preparing for a call-up very early in the evening, another lesser-known player is excited for the big moment.

Faced with a question from his agent asking him why he wanted to join the NBA, after a joint college career between Wichita State and Oklahoma, Austin Reeves He measures his goals before entering the world of outlaw professionals.

“I looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘To tell everyone to get away,'” Reeves quietly breaks into the Los Angeles Times. “All my life I’ve been told I’m too skinny, not athletic enough, not talented enough. Everyone found reasons why I wasn’t successful. It was always the same, they always found something I wasn’t doing well enough and proved that I wasn’t going to do it. It felt really good to tell everyone to stay away.”

It must be said that with less than 90 kg, Reaves is part of the diminutive model in the XXL world of the NBA. But, with a combination of outdoor shooting talent and game intelligence, Reeves not only made it into the Big League uninvited (unsupported), but also made it into a historic franchise, which just a week earlier named LeBron James, his future Hall of Famer fellow.

In terms of basketball genes, the Reaves has something to look forward to because his father was an Arkansas State guard, the third-best passer in college history, while his mother was also a star with the Razorbacks with 19 points per game, second-best. Average school history.

The Reaves, a basketball family

At Reeves, basketball is constantly talking. “I can probably tell you more easily the mistakes he made than the points he scored”His mother smiled. To which Austin responds, one by one: “They tire me out!”

With his older brother Spencer, Austin Reeves fell into the bowl as a child. He learned to play hard at a young age.

“As a big brother, you always enjoyed hitting your little brother. But he kept coming back over and over, even when he was being beaten to the extreme. He was always stubborn. He never refused to compete, even when I crushed him.”

With back-to-back Arkansas State titles with Cedar Ridge in his first two years of high school, Reeves was able to get a taste of what the top level would be like, with the popularity and competitiveness that implies.

In small towns, basketball and sports in general are the only things people can experience together. His eldest son, Spencer Reeves, continues. “We don’t have an NBA team, or an NFL team… It’s nice for people to have something to hold on to and to hold on to. We were good enough in high school to be one of those things, it was really cool.”

Game with 73 points!

During his final season in high school, the Reaves became a war machine. Back in the 3A Championship, Cedar Ridge was able to count on his insane scorer, especially in a match that caught fire for the Reaves in the final quarter, scoring 33 of his 57 points in that span, including a victory shot at the bell!

Reeves, Senior, averaged over 40 points, confirming his undisputed dominance with 43 points per game to claim his third title in four years. Even better, on December 4, 2015, against Forest City Mustangs who were playing three divisions over Cedar Ridge, Reeves hit the counters with a 73-unit peak, in an insane victory after three additional times (117-115)!

“I thought it was a typo. I had no idea what I had just done. I really thought it was a mistake.”

A true star in his Arkansas campaign, Reeves was disappointed when he arrived at Wichita State University. After being denied playing time and responsibilities during his first two years with the Shockers, Reaves will request a move to Oklahoma where he will take over from Buddy Hield and Trae Young in the licensed shooter profile, but not only…

“In high school, I always thought I’d be pushed aside because I literally came out of nowhere. But I remember Coach Krug [Lon Kruger]We started talking and he told me he really thought I could be recruited into the first round this year. [suivante]. This was the first time I realized I had a chance. Damn, this guy knows, he’s seen a lot of basketball, he’s got Trae [Young]owner [Hield]. It was really the first time I thought that was really possible for me. »

Revelation with Oklahoma

Landed with the Sooners to take on a leading role in creating the game but also ultimately, Reaves was quick to get the machine started, with 23 points while attempting 20 shots in his first game with Oklahoma. At 18 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists on average for his second season at Norman, his last time in college, Reeves was finally able to unleash his imagination.

“Austin has a very good instinct for the game. He has a great sense of the game, of what’s going on and what needs to happen,” Krueger explains. “There was no doubt that he was the captain. He was clearly the man who was going to dictate what was going to happen on the pitch.”

Under his innocuous atmosphere, halfway between Steve Nash and Steve Kerr, Reaves is a puck who can break out of his box at any moment, like Utah or Dallas. In the Lakers’ permanent sinking, the Novice was one of the only ones to survive, making 7 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists on average when it was only supposed to be “two ways” to hit the number.

While the Lakers were already out of the competition a week ago, the Reaves finished off pretty solid, averaging 18 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists over 4 games, including a massive triple-double to 31 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists, and join the very closed group of starters to achieve this statistical feat (Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Blake Griffin).

Hoping this stunt isn’t a hit for nothing but a step up to a higher goal, Austin Reeves is in a hurry. To be able to turn the page on this ugly campaign. Bittersweet necessarily first season in the NBA: “It was a good year. But at the same time, it was also terrible. »

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