Competitive Finals, Famous and Sunny Place: Relive Orleans 3×3 Open Basketball Plus

Players and Spectators Gather: Frame Orleans Open Plus At Martroy Square, bathe, on Saturday 2 July, beside a generous sun, awarded in the tournament That extra little thing. “It’s one of the best spots on the track. It’s always crowded; it’s well organized, it’s square,” 22-year-old Marion Herod called her Women’s Player of the Year. “The setting is amazing“,” Brian Bamba, former Orleans Training Center resident Laureate Baskett (2010-2013) and winner of the men’s competition with Rain URB.

Mashhad, a lot of audience for this downtown tournament.

The Four Stars to Watch at the Orleans Open 3×3 Basketball Tournament on Saturday

For the 2022 edition to be a real success, it was also necessary The level at the time of the meeting, and that was the case ! If we had to wait for the women’s tournament final to experience a high-intensity match between the two favorites, the last four men were really strong

Two award winning shots that change everything

Among the men, Rennes, after crushing Bshop in the semi-finals (21-10), fought fiercely against the Poitiers Drags in the final. The British relied on the neck and neck for seven exhausting minutes Evening Killer Weapon To find out the difference: Inside Joffrey Schler(27 years old, 2 AD). Already very dominant under the circuit, the MVP of the Men’s Championship restricted two outside shots to send the Pictaves to the carpet (13-14 to 17-14).

The men’s final shook in the last three minutes.

Happily, he finished the match with 13 units over the clock (out of his team’s 20 units) and allowed Rennes to claim a second Open Plus tournament this year, after… Rennes, on June 11. “We didn’t impose our game, we stayed calm, and that’s our strong point“Destined to be the best player in the tournament.” We’re happy, it’s a bonus,” he appreciated by evoking the 3×3 summer season ending in two weeks, in Reims, by the Open de France.

A little earlier, the women’s draw had ended on a more bitter note for the other Rennes team, as they, in a scenario quite similar to the men’s final, were defeated by the enthusiasm of the team’s players. Bordeaux Ballistic“.

Among the women, the Rennes left their surname to the Bordelais family.

In a very tight match, Breton, last year’s winner, succumbed to the fast ball in the hands of Bordelais. The latter was done with great help by The distant success of Marion Herod (1.66m, 22 years old) , a professional Aulnoye (Ligue 2) player and a huge fan of the 3×3 summer season. His award-winning shots after three minutes of time gave the Bordelais a decisive lead (15-11, 7). They finally won 18-15 and got 2000 Euro And 1500 points in the Premier League table are promised to the winning teams.

The Bordeaux Ballistic team won the 2022 edition.

Buffet direction

Marion Herod has just been crowned World Player of the Year, so enjoy: “IM so happy! This is the first time I have won the Best Player award! I made it through the final with the help of the team, and that’s the main thing,” she continued before making the way to Buffet, where she was waiting for new Ballistiks plus 5,000, as well as Rennes from today.

In the end, all that was missing was a local team able to compete with the best squads to really light up the atmosphere with 600 spectators around the stadium. Nothing to bother though The beautiful dynamics of the Orleans eventWho just asks for more growth.

Jerome Cotton Coudray

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