ROMA will be the world’s first laptop based on the RISC-V architecture

ROMA laptop is based on the RISC-V . architecture

RISC-V shares news of the arrival of the world’s first laptop based on this architecture.

ROMA Laptop is developed by DeepComputing and Xcalibyte and just pre-ordered. This system is based on an unannounced quad-core RISC-V processor. If RISC-V International had not shared the news about this laptop, it might not have been taken seriously. For starters, the ad lacks hardware details, but focuses on unimportant things like NFTs.

This laptop is developed by DeepComputing which does the engineering work, while Xcalibyte modifies the software. In terms of design, this laptop looks just like any other low-power laptop, but it just appears to be a show without an operating system on display.

But the ROMA laptop isn’t supposed to look great, it’s just a first step or a “major step” as the chief technology officer of RISC-V International put it. It will allow developers to test software running on this architecture before deploying it to embedded systems.

The press release emphasizes the following features. It features a quad-core RISC-V processor with free SoC and SOM upgrades. It features a security perimeter processor, GPU and NPU acceleration for video and AI workloads. This development laptop has 16GB LPDDR4X memory and 256GB storage. It will work fine on most Linux operating systems.

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It’s certainly nice to see a new design finally reach mainstream design (form factor) like the portable laptop, but at the same time it’s hard to recommend pre-ordering a system with the missing hardware details, not to mention the press release that NFT is spreading.

The ROMA development platform includes the next quad-core RISC-V processor for a faster and smoother RISC-V software development experience.
DeepComputing and Xcalibyte today opened pre-orders for the first original RISC-V laptop for development. The upcoming ROMA development platform features an unannounced quad-core RISC-V processor with an accompanying NPU/GPU for faster, more transparent native RISC-V software development.

“The assembly of the original RISC-V is a milestone,” said Mark Himmelstein, chief technology officer of RISC-V International. “The ROMA platform will benefit developers who want to test their software running locally on RISC-V. It should be easy to port code developed on this platform to embedded systems.”

The ROMA platform includes:

  • Quad-core RISC-V processor with free SOM and SoC upgrades
  • Pocket Security Wizard
  • GPU/NPU Accelerator for Video and AI
  • Up to 16GB LPDDR4 / LPDDR4X RAM
  • Storage capacity up to 256 GB
  • Supports most flavors of Linux operating systems
  • Early access to the next generation of laptop and accessory upgrades with generous discounts or for free

A Web3-enabled platform with NFT authoring and publishing and an integrated MetaMask portfolio, ROMA will create an experience more integrated with future AR glasses and AI amplifiers running entirely on RISC-V software and powered by RISC-V hardware.

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“The ROMA Native RISC-V Development Platform Laptop demonstrates the power of collaborative culture and the potential of the RISC-V ecosystem,” said Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International. “This design is a crucial bridge between development boards and professional RISC-V-based laptops that will be used in everyday work. We salute the contributions of the entire development team that worked together to achieve this important moment.

Companies contributing to the development of ROMA include DeepComputing (Engineering), PW (Compilation), Xcalibyte (System Tuning), ECP (Security), XC (Cryptography), Rexeen (Audio), LatticeX Foundation (PoS blockchain, NFT ).

With an integrated PoS, NFT, and MetaMask-style portfolio, ROMA was born for the Metaverse,” said Yuning Liang, founder and CEO of Xcalibyte and DeepComputing. “It’s the laptop of the future. We will spare no effort to bring the best native RISC-V development experience to developers.

The first 100 customers who pre-order ROMA will receive a unique NFT to celebrate the birth of the world’s first original laptop for the RISC-V development platform. And you can have your ROMA personally engraved with your name or your company name. Quantities are limited.

Source: RISC-V International via Phoronix

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