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Intego is the most effective antivirus for Apple computers. This weekend, it could be much cheaper thanks to the exceptional -60% sale.

To deal with the increasing cyber attacks on the internet, you need an effective antivirus. If you have a Windows PC, you can turn to the big names like BitDefender, Avast, Norton, Avast, etc. But if you have an Apple computer, it is a good idea to choose a publisher that specializes in cybersecurity solutions for macOS devices.

And the best specialist in this field is the French publisher Intego, which has been publishing the best Mac antivirus on the market for more than 20 years. While you would normally have to pay €49.99 for a year-round license, the Mac Intego antivirus is now only €19.99. In short, it’s a very good -60% reduction that you take advantage of today.

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For less than 20 euros, you benefit from the services of a world-renowned specialist to protect your computer. Finally, even if it is used by a large number of users, we advise you not to resort to free antivirus programs as they do not offer the same level of efficiency as paid ones.

Intego: the market-leading antivirus for Apple computers

In case you haven’t heard of it, Intego is a leading cybersecurity company. It has been on the market for more than twenty years, and the latter has gained worldwide fame thanks to a specialized antivirus for Mac OS. If you have an Apple computer, it is clearly the most effective way to protect it. In fact, Intego antivirus has won many awards from cyber security experts, and AV-Test has declared it the best antivirus for Mac.

Intego has a solid database that is updated regularly. In this way, it can identify, remove or isolate different types of threats that can harm your Mac. This antivirus for Mac is highly efficient. It protects you by blocking widespread phishing attempts, botnets, ramsons, and other types of vulnerabilities that may appear.

Another major advantage is the fact that Intego antivirus is very conservative. In fact, when it works and analyzes your computer, it does not display many useless pop-ups that distract you. It does the job in the background and doesn’t disturb you in your activity. It is very tangible. Plus it allows you to be the sole decision maker. Which means that even if it works automatically, it will always ask you first what you want to do.

Once a threat is detected, it gives you several options to delete it, isolate it, etc. In short, you have everything to gain by choosing an Intego cyber security solution today. Especially since this weekend it is at -60%. In return for this small investment, you will be able to surf the internet with complete peace of mind and also get the assurance that your Mac is effectively protected from any threats that might harm it.

If you want to go further, know that the all-in-one Mac Premium Bundle X9 is also on sale. This is an ultimate package that includes, in addition to your antivirus, all the other Intego software you need to optimize and speed up your Mac. So we have in detail: an antivirus, a cleaning tool to speed up your Mac, as well as a program that provides automated cloud backups and a parental control tool.

Everything is offered at a very special price of €29.99 instead of €84.99 per year. Concretely, this Mac Premium Bundle is undoubtedly the best among the best for your Apple computer. If you can afford it, we highly recommend it. Plus, as with antivirus software, you get a 30-day free trial so you can convince yourself of its effectiveness. Whatever you choose is non-binding, which means you can cancel whenever you want.

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