Install Filza Escaped on IOS devices without PC

The wait is finally over, Filza Escaped is fixed and you can now download it on your iOS device without a computer or jailbreak. In my last post, you said that Filza apps are blocked by Apple because they are too dangerous for your iOS device. Now in this article, I will show you how to install Filza Escaped on iOS devices without a computer or jailbroken device. The bad thing about the Filza app is that no one has worked on it before since it was banned by Apple itself. Thanks to a supervising developer, the Filza app for iOS 11.4 has been fixed, but don’t be happy that Apple will remove it soon. So hurry up before it’s too late.

What did Felza get away with?

Filza Escaped is an app that allows you to root your iOS device like an Android device. Filza is designed to provide you with all the features arrive to Root file on your iOS device without jailbreak or iFile. The best thing about the Filza app is that you can even edit files without the permission of your iOS device. You can customize as many special things on your iOS device as you want, for example, typing the home button or the calculator app and many more. After all, the Filza app is free to download, and you don’t have to pay for it. You have to be very careful while using this app because deleting system files can cause a lot of damage to your iOS device. Use this app only when you clearly know what you’re doing.


You can totally say that this app is an “i-File replica”. i-File works in the same way as the Filza app and also contains every root file of your iOS device. The difference is that i-File needs a download jailbreak, but Filza doesn’t need a jailbreak to download it. Filza is kinda slow compared to ifile app because there are many big developers working on iFile app compared to Filza app. You can customize your iOS device using the filza app, but you cannot customize your device with ifile and this is the advantage of using the Filza app.

Compatible devices with Filza Escape

    • Any model of iPhone, iPad or iPod (32-bit / 64-bit)
    • iOS 11.4 (Can’t install a version higher than iOS 11.4)
    • iOS 11.3.1 and below iOS 11.4
    • Unable to install version lower than iOS 11 (including iOS 10)

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The method is simple, follow the steps below to install Filza Escaped. But first, you need a browser and an internet connection to get started. If you can’t download the Filza app while on the right iOS device with the right version, make sure it’s blocked by Apple.

important note: Before installing Filza, make sure to backup your iOS device in case something goes wrong. In fact, Filza is just a third-party app, and it will contain a lot of viruses that may harm your iOS device. This will slow down your iOS device and your device will also lose battery faster than the current version. Think again before installing the Filza app on your iOS device.

level 1. Open Safari and go to the site (Tweakbox app). Once on the website, click on Applications, then Tweakbox Applications. Then scroll down until you see the Filza app or search for the Filza app using the search engine. Once you have the Filza app on your screen, tap on it and then hit the install button. Install it on your iOS device.

Download Filza Escaped from the Tweakbox app

The second step. Once you have the Filza app, you will need to check it out. Open the Filza app, then it will send you a notification. Type in the name of the developer so you can find the profile faster. Now go to Settings » Find the Filza app profile. Open the profile, then tap Trust and Trust.

Trust Felza who escaped from the tire

Once you approve the Filza app, you can open and use the app for free without a computer or jailbreak.

There you are – Survived Filza

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