Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI 2.0 TSI 220ch test – sporty bourgeois

It’s been 40 years since the Volkswagen legend was born golfWe all know the success you have had, as its version of the GTI was launched 1976. The seventh generation is visually unrelated to the first model except for some visual elements to revive the legend.

Volkswagen Was he able to preserve the ingredients that made golf a success with this wonderful seventh kofi?


Although it is equipped with dress-wise (also), we can easily distinguish between the GTI version and the classic version. This version is inlaid with a defined front bumper with this legendary red trim that crosses the entire shield with continuity in the optics. The GTI badge is found on the honeycomb grille and on the sides and rear of the car. Dual exhaust pipes testify to this model’s sporty character, and new LED + Bi-Xenon fully LED headlights and taillights are cool and standard.

As standard, it comes with 17″ Brooklyn rims, my test model had 18″ Austin tires (€700), and you can choose 19″ Santiago rims (1230€) but I have a soft spot for an “Austin” model. .

The overall design is very elaborate as usual with a Volkswagen, nothing “too much” just the bare necessities, it’s very functional and we don’t have much to complain about.

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI


Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI

Under the hood, room for block 4 cylinder 2.0 TSI From 220 hp Here are the technical characteristics:

  • 220 HP from 4500 rpm to 6200 rpm
  • Torque 350 Nm from 1500 to 4400 rpm
  • DSG6 gearbox (option at 1,700 euros)
  • From 0 to 100 km/h at 6.5
  • Top speed: 242 km/h
  • Combined consumption 7.5 l / 100 km


Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI

It’s golf, I won’t paint you a picture, it’s amazingly versatile. The driving position is perfect, for this test I went a lot on Evelyn’s little straggling roads. So my version was equipped with a box DSG6I’m not necessarily a fan of automatic gearboxes on the sporty models but it must be said that the DSG is one of the best gearboxes on the market today. In urban driving, the Golf GTI is more than fun, its DSG box has a lot to do with it, no snags, it’s a real treat.

But I will not dwell on city driving because its course is still non-urban roads, a short downward pressure on the gear lever switches the car from “driving” mode to “sport” mode. Please note that this is only the sport mode of the gearbox that allows you to change the gearbox, but the most pleasant thing is to switch to the “sequential” mode. There’s nothing better than changing gears with the little paddles attached to the steering wheel, the car takes on a different feel, the sound is more lively on the revs, and the “landing” of the dual exhaust pipe brings a smile to every gear shift. During continuous driving, the chassis is very correct and can erase all the roughness of the road. I only regret that there is no magic “sport” button like many sports cars would accentuate this sporty character. Another downside on the handbrake side, get out of the mechanical lever and welcome to the electric handbrake. In this type of model we would have liked to use the handbrake occasionally to make a fufou but here we are forgetting.

The weather on the plane

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI

Inside, we find the typical checkered upholstery from the first Golf GTI, like it or not, but it’s the only upholstery available on this model. Some red stitching on the leather steering wheel stamped with “GTI” as well as on the arm enhances the sporty image of the car, and at night the door edges are illuminated with a red streak. According to VW, in general everything is sober and of good quality, the Discover Media infotainment system offers the bare minimum (GPS, Bluetooth, radio, etc.) and is part of the Drive Assist I Pack for this model. This package equips this vehicle with ACC cruise control and front assist.

The contenders?

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verdi 240ch

New Peugeot 308 GT EAT6 205 HP

Ford Focus ST 250ch

The Golf continues its “perfect” car momentum, sure risk is contained but what I love about the Golf GTI is the well-made simplicity. It’s an uncompromising car for the dad who wants a relatively comfortable car that can convert into a sports car by simply pressing hard on the right pedal. Another value for the Golf 7 GTI is shown at the price €34,060

What I like :

  • Looks wise but effective and not too “glamorous”
  • Ergonomics and finishes at the top
  • athletic prowess
  • DSG6 gearbox speed and efficiency

what i regret :

  • There is no real “sport” mode
  • Very quiet inside
  • Electric handbrake

Model base price: €34,060

Demo price: 38000 euros

Thank you Volkswagen Australia Trust me in this article.

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