Why is the Ryder Cup in danger

With the war between LIV Golf, the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour escalating, there are many reasons to be concerned about the Ryder Cup.

Not all roads lead to Rome…

Do not panic for fans of golf’s biggest team competition: the 2023 Ryder Cup will take place in Rome, at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, at the end of September 2023. This does not mean that the event is under threat. The competition will be held every two years. But his athletic interest fluctuates.

There is much to fear from the weakening of the European and American teams, due to the game of suspensions already announced and those to come for defectors from LIV. The situation is almost certain to get worse. Even if the events are very “touching” in this confrontation that opposes the historic rings of the new Dorado world golf.

Yes, the big names of the Ryder Cup will not be in Italy. Lots of big names.

However, the US team will be beautiful

Nothing has been decided yet but it is very likely, at this point in the conflict, that no American players left for the LIV will play the 2023 Ryder Cup. Not even any future Ryder Cup, even if the LIV circuit is one day to award global points.

Zach Johnson, the American captain, was very clear on this subject during the John Deere Classic. “To be identifiable, you must accumulate points through the US PGA. To earn these points, you must be a US PGA member. We are US PGA members via the PGA Tour. “

The list of key players with a star-shining flag who succumbed to the Saudi dollar sirens is, in order of the prestige of their record: Phil MickelsonAnd the Brooks KopkaAnd the Dustin JohnsonAnd the Patrick ReedAnd the Bryson DeShampooAnd the Kevin NaAnd the Matthew Wolf

There are illustrious names and even Ryder Cup legends. But mostly, these are players at the end of their career (Mickelson), in the second part of their career (DJ, Reed) or having difficulty for months on a physical level (Kupka, BDC). And on top of that, they all present a very unique profile that didn’t always marry well with the spirit of team competition. We’re not going to lie to each other, the USA is doing a pretty good job of clearing up the integration problems of Mickelson, Reed, DeChambeau, and also with the underlying conflict between Koepka and DJ.

In a way, the situation almost makes the job of Captain Zack Johnson and the American PGA easier. with Scotty Schefflercurrent world number 1, Colin MorikawaAnd the Justin ThomasAnd the Patrick CantlayAnd the Xander SchuyleAnd the Jordan SpiethAnd the Tony Finno, Young players who get along well with each other, the hard core of “Team USA” is already impressive on paper. With the potential arrival of “rookies” like Sam BurnsAnd the Will Zlatoris where Max HomaWe’re not worried about the US team. It would look great and would be a huge favourite in Rome…

Europe, monument in danger

It’s hard to say the same for the future European side, who had already suffered a severe defeat last year at Whistling Straits. Winner of 12 of the last 18 editions, the Old Continent has achieved a set of big, sometimes legendary victories (Al-Madina Al-Munawwarah in 2012). Unforgettable successes helped build a unifying and compelling spirit that became the hallmark of a team that is rarely a favorite on paper.

This enormous blue and yellow passion for the event has been passed down from generation to generation to their peers by great heroes (Ol Ballesteros, Faldo, Olzabal, Langer, Montgomery, Garcia…). This loneliness, this craving to play and win together, Americans have always been jealous of…but now everything seems to be falling apart.

CEO, DP World Tour, Keith Baileyhas not yet taken the same penalties as his PGA Tour counterpart, Jay Mohanan. The European Rebels were not permanently suspended, but only for a few tournaments. Right now, because in the long run, it looks like we’re headed straight for a similar logic.

The DP World Tour, already fragile economically and comfortable from many big players, must protect itself. Calendar’s affinity with the PGA Tour goes in that direction. It seems almost inevitable that Pelly will have to align himself with the decisions made across the Atlantic…

The problem is, mathematically speaking, this is a step back in Ryder Cup history. Let us not forget that before the arrival of the Continental players, the competition concluded with a confrontation between the USA, Great Britain and Ireland which inevitably led to landslide victories for the first camp. If the European Leaf is denied the Ryder Cup, we go straight to this kind of sports scenario…

The latest edition in Wisconsin in 2021 not only showed how much the younger generation of European players struggled to be compared to their American counterparts, in terms of talent and number. But now the glories of the old who can still serve the Blues and Yellows as a player or convey their enthusiasm by donning a captain’s uniform have chosen the Petrodollars…at the risk of saying goodbye to the ordeal they so often face.

It’s crazy how quickly you can lose all respect for someone you’ve admired your whole life.

Robert McIntyre

Heroes turned to zero

Largest points provider in Ryder Cup history, Sergio GarciaA real mascot for his team for 20 years? Left for LIV. Ian PoulterA city hater of “Postman”? Left for LIV. Lee Westwood, 11 posts, The perfect uniform profile to become a leader someday? Left for LIV. as such Paul CaseyAnd the Graeme McDowell where Martin Kaymerthe last two, after a historic day in their lives, scored the decisive point in their team’s victory.

So Europe risks letting go of them, their passion, their expertise, their leadership…

This simple remark is already disturbing. But there is also more serious. This “beautiful” group of rebels decided to take the DP World tour before the court to challenge the penalties imposed on them (championship suspension, fines).

Some young players who considered these heroes, turned to zeros, were shocked by their reactions and the lawsuit against their “own” circle. There is talk of Sergio Garcia being brutally angry during the BMW International Open in Germany when the Spaniard learned he had been suspended. Which explains this vague tweet from Scotsman Robert MacIntyre…

It is also rumored that Rory McIlroythe main defender of the system in place, did not value his exchanges with his (former) Ryder Cup teammates regarding their options to look elsewhere, they said, “The future of their families and the development of world golf. “

John RamHe has publicly expressed his concern. “I hope we don’t lose the essence of the Ryder Cup, the most attractive golf tournament in the world.. He expressed concerns before the last US Open. Since then, as we said, things have gotten worse.

Captain, my captain

In short, Europe has already lost great losses. In players, in experience, in unity. It could be worse. Departures are likely to multiply and could be of interest to younger players (this is already the case for the Austrian Bernd Weisbergerblue “rookie” in 2021), English Sam Horsfield And the Laurie Kanterthe Spaniards Pablo Larzabal where Adrian Otegi).

We can already worry about the competitiveness of the European team in Rome. Certainly, there will undoubtedly be Rory McIlroy, John Ram, Victor Hovland. But yet?

Icing on the cake, in these last days and even these last hours the rumor brings to life a certain thing … Henrik Stenson Appointed captain of the European ship in March. The Swede may be stuck today but his name was one of the first to circulate even before the launch of the LIV Invitational series and was never rejected.

If he leaves, he will obviously have to return his “master” badge, which may seem like high treason. But the 2016 championship winner’s position will come under closer scrutiny in the coming weeks. What will he do after the Ryder Cup? What does he think of the “Greg Norman Squad” that his friend Ian Poulter is so happy about? How does he position himself to defend the interests of his constituency, and thus his team? We may not be at the end of our (bad) surprises.

There is still good news in this “whirlpool” that is rocking the golf world. Getting places on the European team will be easier for those who have remained loyal to the DP World Tour. An opportunity to seize the rising generation of young people. Scotsman Robert McIntyre and the Danish brothers Rasmus And the Nikolai Hoggegard To name only the most promising will be closely watched.

So on the DP World Tour. And please, not on circus show Pathetic orchestrated by Greg Norman who tramples on ancestral moral values ​​and the “sportsmanship” of the sport we love.

It is these same values ​​that have contributed to making the Ryder Cup one of the most beautiful competitions in the world, all sports combined.

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