10 easy-to-carry games for a fun vacation at a low price

1 for kids

double : a great classic that’s always fun

Immortal double It still tempts the audience very much thanks to its simple concept which guarantees lively games. The goal: to be the first to discover pairs of similar symbols. Combining speed and a sense of control, the game slips easily into any bag and is played in a few minutes. Perfect for keeping kids occupied on the go. In addition, it was rejected in several versions to please both young fansHarry Potter that of star Wars.

From 6 years, 2 or more players, €10.99.

double It comes in several versions bearing the image of Marvel heroes, star Wars where Harry Potter.© Asmody

your mouthlaugh at any age

Funny card games are not just for adults. proof with your mouthaimed at children, but also for adults. The goal is to combine cards and humor to create the funniest line. The game is also available in a version for a more mature audience of teenagers or adults, called boil.

From 7 years, 2 or more players, €17.99.

Match cards your mouth To come up with the best line.© Right to Lose

climb up with corsar !

Revisited a card based naval battle, corsar He puts his players in the shoes of pirates bent on taking over their opponents’ gold-laden fishing vessels. Easy to transport and set up, it’s the perfect game to turn an afternoon at the beach into a great adventure on the Seven Seas!

From 10 years, from 2 to 8 players, €13.20.

Put yourself in the shoes of an evil-looking pirate to take over your opponents’ ships corsar.© Pixie Games

2 for adults

catching monsters werewolf for one night

celebrity followers Werewolf of Thiercelieux In this little box you will find all the fun of the original game, in a nutshell. No leader needed, the Ravensburger mobile app takes care of your mid-air and lets you focus on finding the werewolves hiding in your pack. There is no time to relax, you will have to kick them out in one night (ie a game of about ten minutes). Perfect for quick sessions in small groups but with lots of laughter.

From 9 years, from 3 to 10 players, 10.99 euros.

With the Ravensburger mobile app, werewolf for one night It is played without the need for a leader.© Ravensburger

Romans and intrigues on the program A Love Letter

Will you be smart enough to send love letters to the princess before your competitors? It’s all about A Love Letter, a mini card game based on deception and opponent, with very simple rules, but always guaranteeing a good time. Intrigue, lie, hide… It’s all good to win, but above all to enjoy!

From 10 years, 2 or more players, €12.99.

each card from A Love Letter It allows you to summon a force that can completely reverse the situation during the game.© Asmody

travel with Cartaventura

Go to Greenland, Oklahoma, the desert or Tibet with this series of immersive and rewarding narrative games. players Cartaventura Put on the shoes of adventurers like the red Viking Erik, Mayor Bas Reeves or explorer Alexandra David Neal, to relive their travels, travel the world and back in time. Perfect to get away from it all while reviewing history-geo for the upcoming school year.

From 10 years, from 1 to 6 players, 10.90 euros per game.

Draw cards and advance the story in the narrative game Cartaventura.© Plame!

Go on an adventure with mini snap

What could be cooler than the corridors of an underground dungeon to escape the summer heat? in mini snapPlayers take the shield of heroes alone or in pairs, to explore Og’s lair. Dungeon Crawler Inspired by rogue video games, this little box contains hours of adventure thanks to its great replayability.

From 14, 1 to 2 players, €19.99.

Even solo adventurers can explore dungeons mini snapwhich can be played alone or in pairs.© Notes Publishing

3 for parents

Tell stories with for the queen

At the crossroads of story and role-playing game, for the queen It simply invites you to tell a story with several people. Thanks to the questions asked by the cards in the game, each player will take the place of a member of the court and determine his relationship with the king. In a few dozen minutes, you will have used your imagination to draw a picture of the Supreme Lady and decide whether or not you are ready to do everything to save her. Note that this title spawned a whole host of “For the Story” games, with atmospheres ranging from bank robberies to reality TV shows. And even if you forgot the box at home, For The Drama allows you to play different versions of the game online for free.

From 14 years old, from 2 to 6 players, €15.99.

Gorgeous illustrations of for the queen They are here to inspire players and make them love their king…or hate her.© Bragelonne Games

laugh with dragon ball dead game

Humorous, somewhat daring card games are popular right now. Perfect for enlivening early evenings or laughing as an aperitif, they come in many versions, but the multi-talented artist and animator Davey Maurier’s version is our favorite. If you like limit-limit where White Eight Cocoand that you like her SimpsonsFrom Dragon ball Z or PokemonThen move on to this game that combines quirky humor and references to pop culture.

From 18 years old, 2 players and more, €19.99.

Match cards Dead Dragon Balls game To make the table laugh by engaging with pop culture icons.© Do not panic

emerge victorious fromInvictus

strategy battle game, Invictus Offers a perfect alternative for all lovers Magic: The Gathering And other upgradable card games that can’t take their entire collection on vacation. each box ofInvictus It has an entire deck ready to play, representing different types of armies inspired by history. Whether you choose a group of vikings or samurai, the important thing is to use strategy to align your cards and defeat your opponent.

From 14 years old, 2 players, €8.90 per set.

Choose your hand carefully to defeat your opponent in Invictus.© Egyari

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