1000 terminals for 80 euros, magic formula E85

The Ford Focus has updated its look and equipment to mark its mid-term restyling. There is no need to further cement its position as an honest outsider among the agreements. Since it offers a flexible fuel release that allows you to drink E85 bioethanol, the Focus has seen renewed interest and has become the champion of the wallet. It cannot be stopped at the pump.

It’s clear that Ford was well inspired to make the E85 its strong point. With Jaguar – Land Rover, it is so far the only manufacturer to offer models flex fuel (Biofuel gasoline/bioethanol, as a reminder). We wonder what Volkswagen is waiting for to do the Golf Multifuel trick again (on the Golf 7 in its time), and the French to get started.

Thus, the entire Ford group is interested, from the small Fiesta, and the fund is there: in 2021, almost 70% of sales to private customers were provided by bio-ethanol engines! There isn’t much choice, however, since diesels have disappeared from the Ford catalog in France (except for utilities). Direction obliges, and success mainly benefits Puma and Kuga SUVs. Acknowledge what needs to be done A tank full of about 40 euros, seeing the liters go by more quickly per meter than the euro, evokes sensations unknown these days. Here, we almost gladly draw our card.

The large 13.2″ center screen and SYNC4 interface are big new features introduced during the Focus redesign. Nothing revolutionary, but progress is remarkable. The work environment remains easy to approach.

Good to know: anticipate buying and reselling.

It is possible to find out the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle thanks to your Ford Focus’s automatic turbo rating, an alternative to the Argus rating.

Although E85 has increased quite a bit at the beginning of this summer (due to the unleaded portion that it is made of, which ranges from 15-25% in fact), refueling with beets remains a good deal…better than LPG, which doesn’t Still 100% petroleum product? Financially, everything will depend on the use but The difference is small: on average, the E85 is offered at 0.86 euros, which is 10 cents less than LPG. car interest flex fuel It is above all its complete transparency in use (one tank, which can be carelessly filled with unleaded or E85). So there is no effect on the trunk, the LPG car necessarily carry a large bottle Underground.

What’s new in the improved Ford Focus?

Plural Precision Hybridization and Dual Refueling, 125 HP Three-Cylinder Ecoboost Engine Which equips our focus is nothing new in the strict sense of the word: this engine appeared a few months before the restyling presented at the end of 2021 and was already present on other models in the range. It now offers a recall engine for compactors, on top of its more powerful 155-horsepower version, and at the top of the catalog, a 280-horsepower ST engine. Too bad, the last big 2.3 liters does not benefit from the E85 … which will allow it to avoid the delirious slag (more than 10,000 euros) that hits it. As a reminder, E85-compatible engines benefit from a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Test - Ford Focus Flexifuel (2022): 1000 terminals for less than 100 euros, E85 . magic formula

More dynamic to watch from the steering wheel: In the Flexifuel, the 125 hp is not too much and the focus is just right, nothing more. Its strength lies elsewhere: refilling at 0.85 € / liter, no one does better than that!

The focus update, primarily aesthetic, is primarily about the front end. Evolution is still important, for an ordinary mid-career restyling: The hood has been reshaped, and the Ford logo is lowered in the middle of the grille, widening transiently. The group looks a little more voluminous. The passenger cabin receives some welcome changes, but remains very traditional in its design and finish (materials without special luxury, but the assemblies are serious): the big novelty concerns SYNC4 interface and its large 13.2 inch screen. More readable and modern than the previous system, frankly dated.

On the road and at the pump

As with most flex-fuel engines, the 1.0 Ecoboost isn’t content here with a simple extra box but benefits from some deeper improvements to better accept beet (or cane) alcohol, depending on the country: larger injectors, specific valve seats, and reprogramming of engine management. Which changes nothing in the operation of these three cylinders, besides the 48-volt micro-hybridization, which we already know. Instead with 125 hp, it accelerates properly, without asking for a miracle (10.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h). And whether it comes with SP95 or E85 makes no difference, in terms of performance or temperament. So we find “3 legs” small, fortified and supple with a flowing rhythm … but a little rough and resonant in a strong revival. As is often the case with these small engines Reducing In the extreme, he hates being mistreated. the same for Powershift trunk, very quiet to manage. Likewise, the humble couple feel in the reminders, where the stem was loaded (170 Nm). Unfortunately, Ford does not offer an E85 version with 155 horsepower.

Ford Focus, track stays – TURBO extraction dated 08/26/2018

Test - Ford Focus Flexifuel (2022): 1000 terminals for less than 100 euros, E85 . magic formula

A rather generous wheelbase translates into a spacious passenger compartment: there is plenty of legroom. On the other hand, in terms of comfort, it’s best to avoid ending the ST line with very strict suspension settings.

This is a quiet and rational family car … and quite spacious (especially in a station wagon, with a capacity of 610 liters: like the Skoda Octavia), which should be preferred in lower sportier configurations than our ST-Line tester. Being so stiff in suspension, and sometimes overheating on bad roads, the chassis is precise and efficient. Quite sporty, given the definition of a car! Admonition is unaffected by its wiser ends: Focus remains one of the agreements that offer the most successful terrestrial communications in this category.

And when you refuel, finally? Reminder, E85 generates an excess consumption of about 15% on average, by model, compared to the same trip that will be made on gasoline. So the 1.0 Ecoboost requires just under 9 l / 100 km when fueled with ethanol only, a good liter more than SP95 (at € 2 per liter) … the calculation is clear: So 1000 km required a fuel budget of just under 80 euros, when the same cycle in gasoline would have cost us more than 150 euros. Note that although E85 is still relatively uncommon on the motorway, this fuel has become relatively common on the secondary network (just over 2,800 stations so far in France). There aren’t many obstacles, however, even when we’re out of stock: a red, blue, or green gun, a car flex fuel He drinks everything, by definition. Some ignore it, and receive bad ideas (like the fictional idea of ​​starving the planet through ethanol production).

Test - Ford Focus Flexifuel (2022): 1000 terminals for less than 100 euros, E85 . magic formula

The 610-liter trunk (1620 liters with the seat folded down) is one of the largest in its class. There are some tricks, such as the storage of the luggage cover and the fixings on the sides.

Prices and competition

Limiting ourselves only to the question of budget, the Dacia Jogger LPG is clearly more competitive (from 16,790 euros). At €20,600 we have the highest level of Extreme Plus equipment, but the road and finishing services are from another world (especially from another era). Same note, the Fiat Tipo is cheaper than the Ford but it’s less fun to drive and less roomy. So the comparison is not relevant, especially sinceThe Focus Flexifuel finds no front competitor with an equivalent engine. The day Peugeot decides to launch the 308 flex fuelwe will dare to match.

However, in SW station wagons, there are a few indirect alternatives: in Skoda, the Octavia Combi with a 1.0 TSI m-HEV 110 hp (3-cylinder, micro-hybrid) asks for at least €30,510, compared to 30,800 € from Ford station wagon in the base level Titanium X (1,200 euros less for the classic five-door preview, from 29,600 euros). Not given, focus? Sure, but the equipment is complete from the start (SYNC4, GPS, Lane Keeping, Reverse Camera…). And the unbeatable fuel budget obviously puts Americans out of the category after a few fill-ups: even the most discreet diesel isn’t economical!

Test - Ford Focus Flexifuel (2022): 1000 terminals for less than 100 euros, E85 . magic formula

The Focus’s exterior redesign relates primarily to the front end: the Ford logo descends in the middle of the more impressive grille.

Technical characteristics Ford Focus (2022)

technical card Ford Focus 1.0 Flexfuel
Model tested: Ford Focus 1.0 Flexifuel E85 Powershift SW ST Line X
Dimensions L x W x H 4.667 / 1.848 / 1.485 m
wheelbase 2700 m
Minimum/Maximum luggage compartment size 610 / 1,620 liters
Curb weight 1.473 kg
Engine displacement Gasoline 3 cylinders, turbo – 999 cc l + 48 volts micro-hybridization
joint strength 125 HP at 6000 rpm
combined torque 170 Nm at 1400 rpm
0 to 100 km/h 10.2 seconds
maximum speed 195 km/h
Theoretical CO2 rate 114 to 127 g/km (WLTP)
Advertising fuel consumption – increased (E85) 7.8 l / 100 km – 8.8 l / 100 km
Penalty 2020 0 euro
the prices From 29,600 euros (model tested: 33,700 euros)

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