Basketball: the national team that insults an entire people

He called to defend the colors of the homeland at 3The tenth The FIBA ​​World Cup Qualifiers window in Kigali, the Mali national team insulted an entire people by dropping the national flag on the basis of unpaid bonuses. While some believe they are within their rights, others argue that they should consider this great person who is resilient, ready to assure full payment of their rewards at the end of the competition.

The men’s national basketball team was eliminated from the qualifiers to the final round of the Basketball World Cup qualifiers. She admitted two losses in the ‘green carpet’ (waiver) against Uganda on Friday 1Verse July, Nigeria Saturday 2 July. National team basketball players have already refused to leave the hotel after not paying their winning bonuses for the first and second windows of these playoffs. Thus, Mali lost its first match with a loss (20-0) against Uganda and then with the same result against Nigeria (20-0).

Back to the facts

According to the National Sports and Physical Education Administration (Dnsep), Malian basketball players started their strike from Bamako. They stayed three days in the hotel without training. A hotel paid for by financial taxpayers money. To allow the national selection to participate with dignity in this competition, the State, through the administration responsible for the sport, paid the selection bonuses to all players and members of the coaching staff, i.e. 500,000 CFA francs per player, and doubled for the coach. Just like the other management members (in percentage). An effort by the country’s authorities so that the team can quietly make its trip to Kigali after other arrangements clearly made: competition entry fees for accommodation, catering, international transport and Air Tickets to Expatriates (PTA).

In the process, she said, the Ministry of Economy and Finance notified the Sports Department of the fund’s availability and authorized its availability. Between the operation and the scheduled matches, some players preferred to humiliate their country rather than understand the exceptional situation the country is going through. Especially the professional players who get paid in their clubs and on the questions of winning bonuses, which contributes to stopping a country in financial difficulties, given the very complex social, political, economic and security situation. At this level, let them know that the salary is not the bonus that the state pays them. It is true that the sporting motive passes through the rewards granted by the state through the Ministry of Youth and Sports for self-transcendence and for the honor and dignity of the national flag. But the pursuit of this right must not constitute an “unpatriotic” act. According to Dnsep, we must all make sacrifices to first get the country out of the abyss, regardless of the field of activity. This, she says, is called the ethics of sports for young players who are committed to defending the flag internationally, like a soldier at the front. Unfortunately for the National Directorate of Sports and Physical Education, history will remember that these young men brought down a Mali flag in Kigali.

Pending the expected penalties from the Malian Basketball Federation (Commissioner of State Power) in accordance with the legal provisions established in the texts of the Federal Authority and the texts regulating physical and sports activities in the Republic of Mali, the other participating teams continue their activity. Participation in international competitions. Among them are girls and boys under 17, respectively in Hungary, in Malaga, Spain.

It should be noted that this insult to an entire people on the part of our basketball players contributed to the further division of the Malians. While some believe that they are entitled to claim their rewards, others argue on the contrary that they should think of this great person who is flexible, ready to assure full payment of these rewards after the competition. but unfortunately !

Mahidi Toure

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