How to import your iPhone photos to your computer?

You can easily see that your iPhone’s Photos app is quickly becoming the reason for filling your iPhone in terms of storage. Photos and videos can take you as fast as 30-40GB on your iPhone, or even more depending on your model. If you have a 64GB model, it will quickly get saturated at that rate!

Just like you’ve never moved and synced your photos and videos from one form to another. This is the time when you should consider transferring all the photos from your iPhone to your computer, and delete them to free up space.

The other problem is not knowing how to do it and letting storage shrink over the months, as this user attests:

“I can’t figure out how to import photos from my iPhone to a folder on my computer. This is my first iPhone and I’m not familiar with iTunes or the sync features. So far I’ve been able to sync photos from the Pictures folder to my computer, But I couldn’t take it from the iPhone to put it on my computer! »

Let’s see how to import your iPhone photos to your computer via these different ways:

1. Import iPhone photos to PC via USB cable

Windows treats the iPhone like a file system or a digital camera. So you can import iPhone image to PC with Windows 10 or any other version with USB cable. Follow the steps below to find out how:

  • First, install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  • Then connect iPhone to PC > Open this.
  • Click on your iPhone.
  • Click on your iPhone storage.
  • You will see a DCIM folder > double click it to open it > open a folder to see if it contains the photos you want to transfer.
  • Finally, select the photos you want and Copy > Paste them into the desired folder on your computer.

2. Import iPhone photos to PC with AnyTrans

To transfer and manage all your iPhone photos in one place, here we recommend an iPhone data manager called AnyTrans, which easily export, transfer and delete iPhone photos anywhere.

AnyTrans supports the latest iOS 15 and is compatible with iPhone 13. So you can use it to transfer photos from iPhone 13/12/11 to PC. There are two options to transfer photos from iPhone to computer with AnyTrans: you can either transfer them selectively or transfer them all at once with just one click.

AnyTrans features:

  • View photos before importing them to your computer.
  • One click to transfer photos.
  • Import all photos including downloaded photos.
  • The program automatically detects all images for transfer.

Here’s how to transfer photos selectively:

  • First, you need to download, install and launch AnyTrans on PC or Mac.
  • Next, launch AnyTrans > Connect your iPhone to the computer with its USB cable > Click on Photos.

Click pictures

  • Next, select the album containing the photos and then select the photos you want to transfer > click the To PC (or Mac) button.

Selectively import iPhone photo to PC

  • Finally, wait for the transfer to complete.

To transfer it in one click, follow these steps:

  • Launch AnyTrans, connect your iPhone and click the content to the computer.

Content on PC

  • Select My Pictures, then tap Next.

Check out my photos

  • Finally, all your photos will be transferred successfully.

3. Import iPhone photos to PC using iCloud

It is possible to import iPhone photo to PC via iCloud. However, you only have 5 GB available for free, you need to pay a subscription to get more. Hence, iCloud requires a good internet connection to download photos quickly.

  • First, go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Photos > Check iCloud Photos.
  • Once the photos are synced, go to your computer at com > sign in with your account and then click photos.

iCloud Photos

  • Finally, select the photos you want to download and then click the Download button.

4. Import iPhone photos to PC by email

Here is another way to import iPhone photos to computer. This involves using your email address. However, you cannot transfer more than 5 images per email. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, launch the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Next, select the photos you want to transfer to your computer.
  • Finally, click “Send by Mail”, enter your email address and click “Send”.

Send photo from iPhone to PC with email

5. Tutorial video

Here is a video showing you how to import iPhone photos to PC:


And that’s it, this guide is finished. We hope you have learned how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC using our four methods. And if you want our opinion, the best way to download iPhone image to PC is AnyTrans because it allows you to easily transfer all the photos in one go as you can view them before transferring them to your computer.

Feel free to share this tutorial if you have learned how to import iPhone photos to PC by following it.

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