Kevin Durant Trades with the Raptors: Dream or Reality?

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Friday that raptors They were watching closely posture. On Saturday, Sportsnet’s Michael Grange added that not only was Toronto interested, but the organization was Convinced that you can collect the best possible return For Durant.

So the possibility of seeing the American top scorer four times on the pitch in the Silver Ring in Toronto is very real. It is not just the fruit of intense discussions on the Internet.

Louis Zatzman, from the site Republic of birds of preyHowever, he warns Toronto fans eager to see their favorites take over Durant. The Nets will make a massive comeback for their star player and the Raptors will have to think twice before seriously mortgaging their future.

This is the most important question when considering the possibility of a deal for Kevin DurantHe said.

Their future, I think they’d be happy with a mortgage if it meant several years to claim title. But most importantly, how willing are they to pawn their present? Because if they replaced Pascal Siakam and Gary Trent Jr. for Durant, I’m not sure they would race. If their show is built around Scotty Barnes, they have a better chance of winning.he explains.

Barnes, drafted in 4e Overall standings by the Raptors last summer, he was named the NBA Most Valuable Rookie last season. His value is high, but it alone wouldn’t be enough to snatch Durant out of the net. Toronto will also have to add first-round picks in future drafts.

For example, Utah Jazz star Rudi Gobert was recently traded for four first-round picks, a newly drafted first-round prospect and a few extra players for salary reasons.

Louis Zatzman believes that the cost of acquiring Durant could be just as much, if not more. To that end, he adds, the Raptors will have to be vigilant in crafting their offer and try to retain as many skilled shooters as possible.

Durant is clearly one of the best bowlers in basketball history, but to be most effective the team will need to surround themselves with other good bowlers. So they will have to keep as many players as possible between Fred VanVleet and Gary Trent Jr. and O.G. Anunoby and Otto Porter Jr.

I think Toronto would love to seal a deal for Kevin Durant, but I also think what Brooklyn will be asking in return may be more than what the Raptors can reasonably offer.Concludes.

Kevin Durant’s injury history is also a factor for the Raptors to consider.

Photo: Associated Press/Adam Hunger

Professor Brian Daley of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, an expert on the history of basketball in Canada, believes the Raptors had a better mortgage of their future for Kevin Durant.

Despite his advanced age and suffering a ruptured Achilles heel two years ago, the American still belongs to the basketball elite. He averaged 29.9 points per game last season and was named the NBA Finals Player of the Year in 2017 and 2018.

pieds (2,08m) qui peut lancer comme Steph Curry et jouer comme un garde malgré sa taille. C’est un risque comme échange, mais ça vaut la peine si les Raptors peuvent gagner un deuxième titre grâce à cela”,”text”:”Depuis une trentaine d’années, c’est prouvé que dans la NBA, ce sont les vedettes qui sont importantes pour gagner. Kevin Durant est un colosse de 7pieds (2,08m) qui peut lancer comme Steph Curry et jouer comme un garde malgré sa taille. C’est un risque comme échange, mais ça vaut la peine si les Raptors peuvent gagner un deuxième titre grâce à cela”}}”>For thirty years, it’s been proven that in the NBA, stars are important to win. Kevin Durant is a 7-foot (2.08 m) giant who can throw like Steve Curry and play as a bouncer despite his size. It’s risky as a trade, but it’s worth it for the Raptors to win a second title on itHe says.

The controversy over the potential arrival of Kevin Durant in Toronto is reminiscent of the trade the Raptors made in 2018 to acquire Kawhi Leonard which led them to win the NBA title. They then sacrificed DeMar DeRozan, star Raptors player and fan favorite, Jakob Poeltl, recently inducted into the top ten, and a first-round pick.

Raptors chief Masai Ujiri is known to have the will and ability to make tough decisions to improve his team. We’ll see if the Nets and Kevin Durant agree that Toronto is the destination for him. »

Quote from Brian Daly, a professor specializing in the history of basketball in Canada

Journalist Mikael Laviolle, who covers the day-to-day activities of the raptors in Toronto, believes the raptors must find the trick to keep Pascal Siakam and their mass Scotty Barnes even if it means involving more picks in the equation.

mix, pour moi, là, tu as une équipe qui aspire aux grands honneurs”,”text”:”Être en mesure de garder Siakam, VanVleet et Barnes et ajouter Kevin Durant dans le mix, pour moi, là, tu as une équipe qui aspire aux grands honneurs”}}”>Being able to keep Siakam, VanVleet and Barnes and add Kevin Durant to mixFor me, you have a team that aspires to great honorsHe said.

If you’re trying to get Kevin Durant, you should definitely have a competitive team around him because you don’t take back Durant with a team you underestimated and ultimately won’t have a chance to do anything. This is it. He has a four-year contract, but it’s also possible that after two years, Durant will tell you ‘We can’t play the title here. Me, I still want to leave’ so keeping Barnes is also very interesting.continued.

The latter believes a show that includes OG Anunoby and Gary Trent Jr. And Precious Achiuwa, for example, without salary considerations, as well as several enlistment choices, would be the perfect scenario for Toronto.

There is no clue when Kevin Durant might change his address. He did not impose, according to what the latter reported, a deadline on the Nets, and the NBA teams are not expected to resume activity until next September, with the opening of training camps. One thing is for sure, that his name will continue to spread and fuel conversations in Toronto, in particular.

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