Make way for the Genesis Scottish Open Championship!

Since its return to the European calendar in 1986, the Scottish Open has been a huge success for the French. Imagine: 2 wins, 7 podiums, 6 out of the top 10! A look back at the Hab’s greatest feats in the Land of Thistles.

You have to rub your eyes to believe it: The Scottish Open is not an old tournament. After two failed attempts in the 1930s and ’70s, it has only been permanently listed on the European Touring calendar since 1986!

We must continue to rub them in the discovery that this prestigious competition is also the prerogative of the French. There is no doubt that Tricolores shined a lot elsewhere than in France and Spain. Just think: 2 wins, 7 podiums and 6 top 10 hits!

The French present will have a lot to do

This year’s Genesis Scottish Open, approved with the participation of DP World, the PGA Tour and the Rolex Series stage, welcomes the world’s best players. Suffice it to say that the task will be difficult for him Victor PerezAnd the Antoine RosnerAnd the Matthew Buffon (3rd in 2017) and maybe Julian Warrior (The third booked this Tuesday) to commemorate the French success.

The last three golfers who showed ease in the bonds of the Renaissance – Victor Dubison (9th place in 2020), Benjamin Hebert (second in 2019) and Roman Langask (3rd in 2019) – Unfortunately she did not qualify. the same for me Raphael Jacquelineand is certainly the most regular ever on Scottish soil, without ever being able to win the slightest title.

Raphaël Jacquelin, the best because she is the most consistent

However, Lyonnais is doing great with regards to his regularity at the highest level and this is on three different tracks: 2 in 2009, 3 in 2010, 8 in 2013 and again 2 in 2015! The latter is his last big result, both sporting and financial (the largest in his entire career, with just under 400 thousand euros). hit an american hit Ricky Fowlerwas able to agree to some regret after the last lap at par at 70 during Victor Dubison He grabbed his first 10 in Scotland with a score of 66.

Prefer Loch Lomond that is not…links

In view of the results obtained, the French were more efficient in Loch Lomond gardens that had nothing to do with the links. That’s why the tournament moved in 2011 to offer participants a tournament more in line with what awaits them at The Open the following week.

In addition to Jacquelin’s 2009 and 2010 podiums, we found a good sixth place in the Jeff Remesi in 2002. There are still three more exploits. Do not forget.

Jan van de Velde opens the way (often) in 1996

Finishing in second place in Loch Lomond world invitationOn September 22, 1996, Montoa did not yet know that he was participating in the Scottish Open! And for good reason, it actually took place in July… The following year, due to a lack of sponsors, the tournament was in danger of disappearing. It was then that Loch Lomond WI replaced him in a short time, effectively merging the list of winners. This is how the Scottish Open accepted winners in 1996! Besides Welsh Ian Woesnam Who won at Carnoustie, we discovered for the first time in history, a Dane. At the expense of a gentle ascent, Thomas Bjorn He’s already capped Van de Velde with a small hit… No, no that doesn’t remind us of anything.

Thomas Levitt achieved his first victory in 2004

On the morning of the last lap, my favorite was the tricolor: Gregory Havert Who has been in the shape of her life after placing 15th at the French Open and 3rd at the European Open. Unfortunately, after 5 bogeys and a double, Rochelais had to settle for 10th.

That’s without counting on the awesome comeback of Racingman Thomas Levitt, after only 14 on Saturday. On account of a massive comeback at -8, he won his third Tour title at age 35 and qualified for the Open Championship. says crying, This victory is great, great and all, but playing the Open Championship is something else He will take fifth place in Troon having been in a position to win…

Gregory Haverite wins the playoff against Mickelson in 2007

On the shores of Loch Lomond, no one expected Greg Havert. Even on the last lap when all the observers were commenting on a breathless fight Phil MickelsonAnd the Luke Donald And the Ernie Els.

On a no-fault final, Havret pushes in a playoff (in sudden death on the 18th) the left world number 3. Mickelson leads first and sends his ball to the terrible rough left. Havret didn’t break by touching the middle of the lane, and despite a poorly controlled second kick, he managed to investigate his shot to equalize while Mickelson was missing the chip… The Frenchman is happy and a dream come true: ” I must say that obviously the French Open is very important to me and to us, but after that, winning a championship in Scotland is just another thing. “.

A beautiful page in French golf history, three before the page that will forever mark him, was written during one of the 2010 US Opens as he came close to winning with a certain someone. tiger wood.

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