Golf Sporting Club de Vichy (Allier): the centenary is still very green

The recent left bank development allows the Allier direct access from the green road to the terrace of the gym restaurant. With the thick fence that was a screen gone, Vichy Golf Course has completely entered the pedestrian scene and everyone’s heritage.

A journey with its own peculiarities

Of course we want to talk about current events, but history requires respect. As in the Hall of Honor known as the Awards Room where, under the splendid setting, the wooden shields line up with the award rolls as long as Class 5 covers pretty much the past century.

The spirit of the place is there. Also in the architecture of the restaurant, which resembles the residence of the Landes, which for a long time grew up with a magnificent summit. Also with the big trees, some over a hundred years old, that line the road. A real nursery with 300 species!
“Almost 700 trees, identifies Laurent Gaucher, keeper of the green site. As replacements are made, efforts are being made to plant varieties more adapted to global warming.”

150 golfers expected every day on the greens of the Great International Sporting Vichy Week (Allier)

The latter brings life to a flat path with narrow lanes and features the privacy of serving greens placed on piles surrounded by 40 bunkers. It is being crossed by an artificial river and surrounded by stored ponds. Challenging and technical! Here, the score at the bottom of the scorecard makes sense.

667 licensees and twelve employees

Among the equipment that allows for more fun practice, there is an outdoor (7 stations) training and practice area and a covered one (7 stations too but open only in winter). Not forgetting the main store.

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Between reception, secretaries, general maintenance, gardeners, golf teachers, Sporting employs 12 people, i.e. a small and medium-sized business serving about 667 licensees (No. 2021) to which several hundred green fees must be added (practice every day). Another peculiarity of the structure, the reception of groups. We sometimes come from far and for several days we combine golf with a visit to the spa town. The presence of the famous golf restaurant perfectly complements the formula.

It’s also hard not to praise the spirit of interconnectedness. The last hail storm put the last one to work. More than 50 volunteers came to fix dozens of hail effects on the greens. Like the opera, casino, hippodrome, thermal baths or springs, the Vichy golf course is part of the local landscape.

beautiful world. a story. Personalities from all over the world came to entertain themselves: the Queen of Yugoslavia; Aga Khan, Emperor of Annam, Duchess of Westminster, Pasha of Marrakesh. Recently, Prince Rainier, Roger Coderc, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Sophie Desmarets, Michel Jazzy, Didier Pironi, Jacques Lafitte, Georges de Couns, etc…

Milestones. 1908. The Vichy Sporting Club golf course opens. Joseph Aletti, director of the Société des Grands Hôtels de Vichy, started the project in order to meet the needs of his wealthy clientele. The 9-hole course was designed by the great French champion Arnaud Massey, the pavilion designed by Gustave Simon, the architect of Compagnie fermière.
1912. The course is 9 to 14 holes
1922. Becomes a multidisciplinary club (golf, tennis, swimming and athletics)
1946. Henry Cotton won the international tournament organized by the club
1997. The split between golf and tennis 2001. The sports club adopts laws according to the 1901 law. Three years later, he is the owner of the entire property.
Course over 5000m. The 5,366-meter Par 70 course includes 3 widths of 5, 10 Par 4 and 5 Par 3s.

“Behind every competitive golfer”

For a long time, the Vichy golf course has been conveying the image of the well-to-do and relaxed golfers. Thirty years ago, mindsets began to shift towards the spirit of competition that is well established today. Daniel Bourgnon, Vice President, is responsible for its preservation.

“For many of us, there is a search for performance. We fight against others but against ourselves as well. When we see the app, the tension in golfers’ gestures, we can only confirm. We’re not here just to have fun! The Sports Division features 150 riders of all levels and all ages categorized by Indicator 10 to 1. Four tiers of leagues are open to them (Federal, AuRA, Territory and Territory) in which 20 teams participate.

“In addition, we hold open competitions almost every weekend.” Ladies enter the first federal department. This exhibition team “will flirt with the big clubs like Paris, Lyon or La Paul.” First team members develop a tone below. “Be careful however, we are definitely looking for excellence that gives a dynamic image of our golf course, but we do not forget anyone. Everyone is invited to perform at their level.”

Sporting offers training times provided by two professional teachers. “As in any sport, we find a love for the jersey.”

Dynamic golf school

Golf is attracting more and more young people. This is the case at the Sporting Club, where the golf school is very dynamic. Cathy Berthet, Head of Hulk, appreciates this youthful enthusiasm. The Sporting Club de Vichy golf school currently has 52 youngsters between the ages of 5 and 16, in categories such as Kids, Leisure, Hopes and Performance. » Supervision is done by two professionals, Alan Gaultier and Alban Massion, assisted by 12 volunteer golfers and four parents.

“Young trainees are invited to pass eight science levels. In sporting terms, youngsters develop at their level in the competitions of the Regional Committee of the Eurasian League and the French U-16 Championship. “The Hulk is proud of the excellent results at the departmental level with 16 medals out of a possible 21. A team of 6 youngsters will travel to the U16 National Championship in Valencia from July 15-17. Other more fun competitions such as Speed ​​Golf or Les Copines au Golf are also available. »

Photos by Michele Shallier;
Sport club; Clement Mosseri

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