How to install Android Remix on PC? -Install Android Remix OS PC

In this article, I will show you how to install Android Remix on PC. Remix is ​​an Android operating system running Marshmallow. It is also known as Universal Android due to the combination of mobile phone and PC. Let me explain to you clearly, Remix is ​​now available for mobile also for PC. The best of the remix is ​​it.

  1. It is open source like Kali Linux.
  2. It will be installed on any type of computer in 3 steps.
  3. It can also be reinstalled in the virtual machine in 3 steps.
  4. It is not only for mobile, it can also be installed on PC.
  5. It comes with Remix Mini and Remixer Ultratablet.
  6. It is also available on XDA

What is Remixer Mini?

Remix Mini It is a small computer. It gives you a unique PC experience on Android and a unique Android experience on PC.


Remix Mini

what Ultratablet Remix?

the good Ultra Remix Reward plank With the Android KitKat based operating system that has been greatly modified to be used as a working system.

Ultratablet Remix

What is XDA?

XDA Developers (also called simply XDA; Often stylized as xda-developers) is a mobile software development community with over 6.6 million members worldwide, founded in January 2003.


Features of Android Remix

#1 – Building a community

Remix OS started as a vision of a world where the boundaries between mobile and PC are removed forever. Join the millions of users who have already switched to Remix OS and be a part of the future of the Android PC.

# 2- Globally Android

Remix OS gives you access to more than 2 million Android apps and games. Most of them are free and can be installed in one click from any Android app store of your choice.

#3 – Freedom of choice

One of the main benefits of the Android app ecosystem for Remix OS is the flexibility to choose the apps that suit your habits and preferences.

#4 – Full fusion

Think of Remix OS as the cuddly kid between an intuitive computer desktop experience and Android apps and games. Many of the features we’ve meticulously built into Remix OS are designed to give you the best of both worlds – complete mobile and PC integration.

Source files:

  1. USB player.
  2. Rufus.
  3. Remix SE ISO.

Note: Jade’s site says you have to use USB 3, here I say it also works without USB 3, the difference is that without USB 3 it takes a long time to install. I have used both.

Click the links below to download the source files.

Install Android Remix on PC

level 1. After downloading the Rufus version, for the format mode, select fat32, click on the CD room icon and select Remix ISO. Leave the other default settings. Click Start to start the process.

Select mode

Step 3. When the USB was bootable, restart the computer.

Step 4. Click on your computer’s start menu.

Step number 5. Select the USB drive. It depends on the name of the USB.

Step number 6. Android Remix gives you two options;

  1. Install as resident: This means that it can save your files to your hard drive.
  2. Install as guest: This will not save your files.

It depends on you which one do you want? I use guest because it takes less time. Remember that all steps are both options.

Select mode

Step number 7. After this step, the Remix logo will appear. Don’t worry, it will take some time to download.

logo remix

Step number 8. Select your language and you will move on.

choose the language

Step number 9. Read it and accept the license.

accept consent

Step number 10. Select Wi-Fi or Ignore. I skip because I don’t have WiFi signals.

wifi setting

Step number 11. Enable Google Play Services by checking the box, then select Next.

Activate Google Play Services

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Android Remix on PC, to confirm it, open the menus and select the tablet and tap 3 times in a row, its logo will appear.

screen remix


It was about how to install Android Remix on PC. I hope you learned this article, and I hope you will ask your questions, give us your suggestions, and your opinion on the articles we should write. If you have any problem, let us know below in the comment, feel free to let us know. We are waiting for your suggestion.

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