Review: Sonic Origins (Switch, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series, PC)

What or what? Assembling another Sonic? After Sega has showered us with sets of all kinds putting together the adventures of the Blue Hedgehog, this reaction should usually be the reaction of anyone who discovers Sonic’s origins. By combining the first four games in the series (the first three Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic CD games), this new collection aims to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the most famous hedgehog.Between new game modes and graphical tweaks, are we finally having a tribute to the licensing glory days?

This Sonic Origins review was made on the Xbox One version provided by the publisher.

When it comes to putting together a greeting set, choosing the titles listed is often a thorny issue. Is it better to be as comprehensive as possible, or should we focus only on what is considered the golden age of such and such licensing, at the risk of making those who do not find their favorite works? for Sonic OriginsSega chose the second option by including only titles from Mega Drive (and Mega CD), namely sonic the hedgehogAnd the Sonic the Hedgehog 2And the audio CDand finally Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Four titles from the golden age when Sega was still battling with Nintendo to see who would capture players’ hearts with their special mascots.

. point Sonic the Hedgehog 4 So, despite its direct relationship to 16-bit Opus, none of the 3D formats, even older ones, like the very popular ones, work. sonic adventure From Dreamcast, not to mention sub-shows like Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball. no to sonic . originsSega has chosen the “historic channel” Sonic by offering many classics that are certainly timeless but have had time to go back in all directions on almost all media for 30 years.

Optimum gaming comfort

Except that this time around, Sega didn’t provide us with the games as is. If games can be played in their Mega Drive versions, Anniversary Mode brings some improvements significantly to improve gaming comfort. The most obvious addition, the 16/9 screen is a boon for games that rely a lot on their acceleration. Play by giving the player more time to anticipate and respond to obstacles. Although outwardly identical, the four Opus have been remade with a motor sonic mania Which means that some of the slowdowns are now gone.

The game is much easier to access thanks to the absence of lives. Even if you repeat the same passage twice, five, ten, or twenty times, there will be no more game-ending and progression will be more fluid. A boon for those who want to bring back these legendary compositions with nostalgia without too much pressure. Instead, the player gets coins that are used to unlock additional content (artwork, music, videos, etc.) in the very complete Museum mode. Apart from that, every game benefits from small novelties such as the addition of the Drop Dash of sonic mania Or the possibility of embodied joints in the first Sonic.

In addition to the “Classic” and “Anniversary” modes, Sonic Origins also offers other challenges like quests, a boss dash, or even a completely confusing mirror mode that throws all our reactions off balance. The ideal type of content for longtime licensing fans who will be able to rediscover favorite games from a new angle. Fans who will also be able to fully appreciate the sequence of videos added at the beginning and end of each game which helps to create a text link between the different plays.

audio assets

The best of Sonic all in one place

16/9 which greatly improves the readability of the game

Birthday mode is more accessible

Remaster is still great

We won’t spit against some other matches

Compiled from the first four games in the series, Sonic Origins is a beautiful tribute to the thirty-year-old blue hedgehog. If the remaster’s name is a bit exaggerated, 16/9, the new content, greater accessibility, plus delicious paint make it a great gift for fans of the first watch.

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