Sony Inzone H3 headphones review

Even though we just passed our verdict on the Inzone H9 headphones, here comes the entry level tier of the series, the Inzone H3. Wired, accompanied by a USB sound card, this model takes the aesthetics of the H9 by putting simplicity at the center of its use. No more ambient noise reduction, dual-connection, for a multi-platform gaming headset vacillating between quality and flaws. We explain all this to you in a few paragraphs.

So the Inzone H3 is the first gaming headset in this new “Inzone” range. Launched at €99, it connects with a mini-jack cable To connect to any analog source, and therefore all existing consoles, tablets and computers. It also comes with a USB sound card Adds support for Sony’s Inzone HUB for Windows platform. So you will notice that this wired stereo headset with microphone goes against many of the already proven reference models, but also against Pulse 3D, the official PS5 headset, which also connects wirelessly to a USB dongle. And if the match is already folded…

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Compatibility PS5, PS4, Windows, Switch in TV mode via USB, Xbox Series, Switch and tablets via mini jack
microphone type bidirectional microphone
Microphone Noise Reduction no
Rendering 7.1 / 3D Spatial effect via Windows app
weight 301 grams without cable
Available connections USB, 3.5mm mini jack

Design and Finish: Almost equivalent to the Inzone H9

They will almost resemble each other like three drops of water. Sony uses many of the parts in common with the Inzone H9, H7, and H3, so that the differences between these three models are along with the order of details. So, without surprise, we find this design based on a solid arch lined in its center with imitation leather to support the top of the skull. Earbuds, still thick and compatible with wearing glassesHowever, it is lined with a soft fabric, not faux leather.

The result is a higher level of ventilation which almost completely eliminates our criticism of the H9 about heat management. in contrast, Inzone H3 loses a bit of sound insulationwhich allows external sound to enter your ears quite easily, as the sound coming from the headphones can be heard slightly by the people around you.

Inzone H3 gaming headset review: Can't Sony do better?

The helmet may be completely plastic, and the finish is successful. The different parts come together flawlessly, and despite the somewhat special appearance, the Inzone H3 manages to make an impression on quality, even if it suffers from comparison with EPOS or HyperX ranges at equivalent prices. Above all, and unlike the H9, the H3 offers another ball joint system for the ear cups that seems to hold up better according to our torsion tests. Thus, Despite the few torture sessions, there is no need to regret the appearance of cracks or creaks. This is a very good point, especially since these ball joints still offer 140° horizontal and 20° vertical rotation, for easy placement around the ears.

The size is always adjusted by two slats and allows the helmet to be adapted to larger heads who will benefit from excellent comfort, with consistent but not excessive tightening. However, smaller skull sizes, especially younger ones, will find the helmet a bit larger than necessary., lose on the road in comfort and stability. Try it if you are in this latter category.

Finally, the microphone is placed on the left atrium. Non-removable, it benefits from a flexible stem for easy placement near the mouth, and a swivel system that, in the high position, simply cuts out the microphone output.

Multiplatform wired headphone

Inzone H3 gaming headset review: Can't Sony do better?

The Inzone H3 offers two types of connections. The first, with a 3.5 mm mini-jack, is done using a cable connected to the left atrium. Wire about 1m 20 long, not braided, whose diameter and flexibility testify to a certain fragility. And since there is no way to change this cable, pay attention to its durability. However, this cable allows the headset to be connected to many platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Series consoles, Switch in portable mode, laptops or tablets. You can then simply take advantage of the analog volume on the back of the left earbud and the stereo connection with the added microphone feature.

This connection can also be attached to the provided micro sound card, which adds 1m 80 of wire (this time thicker, although not braided). This card connects via USB to various platforms such as Windows PC, Mac, PS5, PS4 and Switch in TV mode, again with a stereo connection, at 16-bit 48Hz. On a Windows computer, You will benefit as a bonus from the software support provided by Sony, Inzone HUB, and the possibilities to adjust it: saving profiles in computer memory, equalization, spatial audio (we will return to this), dynamic range adjustment, microphone volume, audio feedback in headphones. Note that the headphone volume remains analog and is positioned at the sound card output, without affecting the OS volume, and that there is no dedicated cat channel here as there is on the H9.

Inzone H3 gaming headset review: Can't Sony do better?

Voice: a certain lack of balance

The Inzone H3 provides us with an audio reproduction that is very close to that of the Inzone H9. whether The overall sound is correct, without serious flaws, we still regret a certain imbalance between the different frequency bands, and even some noticeable dips and bumps. Thus, the bass is very prominent, the middles are somewhat restrained, while the treble has a large drop at 5 kHz and a peak around 9 kHz. This lack of homogeneity is characterized by some deviations, and some exaggerations of certain frequencies, with essentially no definition in the tertiary. Without reaching disaster, we’re a long way from proposing Pulse 3D that specifically glows at the highest frequencies.

Inzone H3 gaming headset review: Can't Sony do better?

If this particular reproduction isn’t something exceptional for listening to music, the Inzone H3 still comes honorably in play, with a noticeable stereo spatial and sound focused instead on the amazing, bass has good dynamic and defined effects. but nDon’t rely too much on 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer To unlock this customization for you on a multi-channel system level, the integrated effect, even offering to create a profile based on the images of our ears, being by no means dynamic and really based on 5.1 or 7.1 output is possible. For once, we’re much less exposed than, say, Dolby Atmos, with a real loss of fidelity in high-pitched sounds.

Inzone H3 gaming headset review: Can't Sony do better?

decent microphone

Where the Inzone H9 has clearly disappointed us with its somewhat cavernous clone, Inzone H3 works surprisingly well. Here we find the timbre of the voice, with a clean and subtle response, able to absorb some of the nuances between soft sounds and strong ones. Enough to guarantee in chat, thanks to good clarity, as in broadcast where your voice is well marked. Add to this software support, under Windows only, which allows you to automatically manage audio gain so that listeners can hear you correctly, with audio feedback volume in headphones to hear themselves speak.

Conclusion: a dull gaming headset between quality and flaws

Inzone H3 gaming headset review: Can't Sony do better?

After a clearly disappointing Inzone H9 experience, the Inzone H3 is finally more consistent. No mechanical flaw, a totally successful rest if your head isn’t too small, and wide compatibility thanks to the dual USB/Mini-jack connectors. But is it enough to deal with the best models on the market? Well no, unfortunately. Its true sound doesn’t match that of the Epos H3 for example, and its finish, like the materials used, pales in comparison to gaming headsets in this price range. Finally, today Sony is releasing a wired headset at the same price as the Pulse 3D, both wired and wireless. A rather strong discrepancy regarding the performance of the two headphones, in favor of the official PS5 model.

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strength point

  • Wide compatibility thanks to dual connectors
  • Lightweight and comfortable helmet for big heads
  • Ergonomics, simple and efficient
  • Full software support under Windows
  • Back microphone is good

Weak points

  • A little pricey for this level of service
  • Spatial sound adds nothing, despite the image of the ears
  • Binaural sound is true, but it’s not exceptional
  • Non-removable thin cable

Compatible with many platforms, the Sony Inzone H3 is a headset that blows both hot and cold. Comfortable with large heads, poorly adapts to smaller heads. Utilizing good finishes, he makes certain selections of basic materials. Taking advantage of the good sound in the microphone, it’s a bit disappointing with its performance to our ears. If it has been somewhat successful as a whole, the Inzone H3 suffers from comparison with the competition, and in particular against the name itself, the H3 from Epos, or even with another headphone from Sony, the Pulse 3D from PS5 which adds to its functionality a wireless connection. So, there’s a certain disappointment to see an audio professional like Sony release a model between the two of the waters, especially given its rather high price tag.

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