“This victory has a certain logical aspect”

How did you go to victory in Austria?
I had a great last day – no ghosts for four birds – so I’m really happy with the play it produced on that last lap. I never feared myself, and in the end it was enough to take the lead Marco Etienne. We were both in the last game, I started with two hits behind him and two before the third, in a position that suits me well, the chaser position. I made the first nine holes in the -2 to get back up, and back as well, while making a birdie for eight pars. It was played a bit in the match on the last holes. I haven’t seen much life Before the start of the 16, immediately after his volley of 15 to return to par at -12. I saw we were two or three moves ahead of third, so I knew it would be mano mano In the end, I made a good birdie at the age of 16 to take the lead. In the last two, I made two cups which were enough.

Your score of -3, -6 and -4 attests to a high level of play. Is this how you feel too?
Honestly, I played worse than the previous week in Poland! But I was more solid: in Poland I made 22 birdies in total, maxed out on the field, but lost a few balls that cost me so many shots; Whereas in Austria I only made three ghosts in 54 holes. So I made a lot fewer mistakes and in the end it paid off. on me Pro Golf TourYou have to be as abusive as possible, and make as many birds as you can, which is well in my nature. We often have courses that require attacking, but here in Austria we had to reduce errors by being good in the depths, because the track had a lot of height. I have the opportunity to train every day in Arcangues golf coursein the Basque Country, which is a very hilly area, so I felt at home and was able to crack my game.

Two years after winning the first round of Pro Golf, does this have more flavor?
They are completely different from each other, it shows. The first was quite an accomplishment, as I’ve been spinning around this for a while with some good results over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it, but reaching finally rewards my good level at the time, and has a certain logical aspect that the first didn’t have.

This success puts you back in second place in the merit order, ideally placed five championships from the end of the season. How do you imagine the coming weeks?
The road is still very long, because it is very narrow at the top of the standings this season. I will try to continue like this, the goal is not necessarily to win another one – even if I do not fail to seize the opportunity if it arises – but instead I will continue to make as many birds as I can, to put myself in my position, to remain patient, in the hope that I will go my way for the rest season. My goal is to have a fairly consistent average scoring throughout the year, to beat the course as consistently as possible, regardless of whether it’s -1 or -5. It’s the goal every time I start, not the outcome goal. It’s like you’re playing alone in practice: you’re just trying to play on equal terms. So every tournament I try to put myself in that state of mind.

It was hard to live with being fourth on the Pro Golf Tour in 2020 and not being on the Challenge Tour. […] Olivier was there to tell me that in the end, maybe it was a good thing.

She broke top 15 at the French MCA Pro, seventh at the Mirabelle d’or Open at the Alpine Tour, top 10 in Poland and this victory in Austria. What is the reason for this beautiful dynamic?
It’s been a really good month in terms of gameplay quality and results. This is largely due to the work I’ve been doing for about a year Olivier Légliswho took me under his wing. We train every day together when I’m in the Basque Country, which is where I moved. We’ve handled all parts of the game together and I’m glad to see that the work is starting to pay off. The road is still long, the goals we set for ourselves are still far from being achieved, and the new life I live does not make things clear, but we are heading in the right direction.

What does the work you do with your coach consist of?
The fact that you got 4th place on the Pro Golf Tour in 2020 and not been in Challenge Tour It was hard to live (The number of upgrades that year was reduced from 5 to 3 due to the pandemic, editor’s note). It was understandable because there was Covid, but it’s hard to swallow anyway, and Olivier was there to tell me that in the end it might be a good thing. We were able to get things back on track, working on things that I would probably have left aside if I had spent an entire season on the Challenge Tour in 2021. There, we really took over everything: the swing, the tracks, the swing, in short, the game as a whole. We are trying to raise the level in all sectors to be at the best level during a period.

Between your professional debut two years ago and today, you seem to have grown physically…
Yes, I started working with her John Lear, a physical trainer who made me gain 10 kg of muscle mass in six months! He’s a former Special Forces paratrooper, so no golfer at all. His martial side goes well with my strong personality, and he was able to train me a bit (Laugh) ! It was a lot of nutrition, but also a lot of time in the gym, two hours of bench press every day. It wasn’t specific to golf, it was meant to make it bigger, and it’s great that it works. I was swinging the club at 112,113 mph a year ago, and now it’s averaging 118, 119 mph. I had to do about twenty meters to drive, so it’s cool.

Do you have a chance to train regularly with other Olivier Léglis players like Julien Brun, Ugo Cuzo or Gregory Bordy?
With all the players that Oliver coaches, we truly form a close-knit family. They are always available to share their experience and give advice, so that’s great. Recently I have talked a lot with Julian, who is irreplaceable in terms of behavior and professionalism. It brought me a lot of calm and patience. We played Pro Golf Tour together two years ago, and we saw how he got European tour In just two seasons, and the way he’s performing this year is like he’s been there for ten years, really inspiring. I hear him talk a lot and have complete confidence in what he says to me.

Looking back, how would you rate your short assignment in the Challenge Tour last year?
Looking at the results, the performance may seem poor, but I tested it a little differently. In my first year, without getting a full class, I did ten tournaments and passed four cuts, which isn’t a bad thing for me non-veteran. And I tell myself that if I had a full season in 25 championships and passed half the cuts, I would probably have made the card, so it reassures me a little bit to see things like that. The courses are more selective and the players are very good. I had the opportunity to share games with the players participating in the European Tour this year, and I saw that there is almost no difference in level between the players of these two circuits, while the difference between the Challenge Tour and the Satellite is very significant. So I’m getting some confidence in the future because I’ve been able to put my finger on what it takes to succeed on the Challenge Tour, and once I’m back full time I’ll definitely be better equipped. Hopefully Covid won’t come and turn everything upside down yet!


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