Vaudreuil Golf Challenge, the essential step taken in France

Despite the many no-shows, the 2022 edition of the Vaudreuil Golf Challenge looks great. With a reassessment of a prize money of 260,000 euros and around forty French golfers, the show will be on the agenda this week at Eure (27), on a course that is constantly being improved and thus improved!

Lionel Villa in Fodrell (27)

This is the ninth edition this week of Fudrell Golf Challenge My dear, Ali Jean-Claude ForestierHeadquarters owner and promoter of the tournament. Born in 2013, it has become one of the most important dates of this season on Challenge Tour. The third most exact in terms of prize money after Grand Final in Mallorca in november andOpen the Italian challenge. Thus its endowment increased to 260 thousand euros, an increase of 50 thousand euros compared to the previous cycle, which was won by German Marcel Sim.

To make this tournament even more significant, improvements are constantly being made to the course, with an average of 72 of the 6,383 meters designed by Fred Hawtry In … 1962. In 2021, in order to return to “life” after the cancellation due to a pandemic in 2020, the exit hatches of holes No. 3 and 5 were reconfigured. We also enlarged par 4 of 14 by 25 meters…

This year, we made the double start, on the second and sixth daysshaded clouds by existencegeneral manager of the PGA France golf course in Vaudrell. We also redrawn the beginning of the number 8 (A 5 by 506 metres) ENo. 13. There, we installed a fortified bowl to the right of green with a Scottish spirit, very deep … We also repainted the tee 17 (4 feet by 460 metres) And we extended 45 metres. We also added three bunkers in the driveway at age 18, unfortunately we had to cut down the tree that was protecting the green area at age 18, which made this hole even more difficult. But this tree died and we removed it to preserve its safety. »

Even if they are still a bit pliable, the greens, due to the declared heat and wind during the four rounds, will become sturdier…they will dry out, and we won’t water them

clouds by existence

In 2021, Raw played a crucial role in the game, helped by the torrential rains that had fallen in the Eore region in the previous weeks. This time, it shouldn’t be…so scary. Instead, the greens should be the key to victory.

Raw less denseGuillaume Biaugeaud continues. It is beyond the lanes. On the other hand, even if they are still a little pliable, the greens, due to the declared heat and wind during the four rounds, will become increasingly hard… They will dry out, and we will not water them. This is the application number 1 from the European circuit. Admittedly, we do some preventative work in certain places, but in general, we no longer water between Thursday and Sunday… »

39 French in the beginning (they were 44 in 2021) and we can mention among them Clement Sordet (Eighth of the Road), former European Tour members like Gregory PurdyAnd the Julian QuesnAnd the Sebastian GrossAnd the Edward Spain Or even those who are looking forward to DP World Tour 2023 in pictureAdrian SaderAnd the Gary Stahl And the Ugo Kusud. This powerful three-colored presence also has another explanation. The French Golf Federation (FFG) set up a French challenge that includes resultsBrittany Open And those who will come from Challenge Golf Foddell. On the first Sunday evening his ticket will be validated for Open the French queso (DP World Tour) scheduled at Le Golf National from 22nd to 25th September. Ugo Coussaud is currently holding the rope in front Robin Switt Seagust And the Cyril Bunyol.

This beautiful “Sesame Open” appeared (last year it was a place for it Opening at Royal St. GeorgeUnfortunately, this did not prevent the organization from suffering a large number of withdrawals. About fifty since registrations closed, including another half a dozen Tuesday morning…

These schisms are particularly explained by the position of Norman’s championship in the almanac. Set after the Italian Challenge Open (350,000 euros), golfers tend to “breathe” once this great Challenge Tour event is over. However, the field remains attractive with the latest winner of the Open de Bretagne, the Englishman Alfie Factorythe Danes Oliver Hundepool And the Martin Simonsenrespectively No. 2 and No. 5 of the road to Mallorca, or of the former Italian youth prodigy, Matthew Manasero.

We are in the process of committing for another three years, in order to stabilize the tournament in a long-term format. Our teams are well established as this is our ninth edition. I love this class, this level

Jean-Claude Forestier

However, discussions will be held with the European Tour management to try.” see again » Vaudreuil Golf Challenge site in the near future. The ideal window is between June 15 and July 15. One thing is for sure, it is fixed more than ever in the landscape of this second European section and it is possible.” hiking The DP World Tour is not on the agenda frankly.

We are in the process of committing for another three years, in order to stabilize the championship in a long-term formatJean-Claude Forestier concludes. Our teams are well established as this is our ninth edition. I really like this class, this level. This makes it possible to distinguish the young people who will be the stars of tomorrow. We’ve seen players passing here shining today at the highest level… Ryan FoxAnd the Aaron RayPrevious Fodrell winners… Dylan Fritelli He also came to play here. without forgetting Matthew Fitzpatrickwho just wonUS Open. They all passed through Vaudrell. We are happy to have them in our players’ field. These are the people we’ve also played with in Pro-Am… these are good memories… that’s also what makes our tournament DNA! »

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