Vaudreuil Golf Challenge: This ninth edition will be more selective

The Golf PGA du Vaudreuil welcomes from Thursday 7 July 2022 the ninth edition of the Vaudreuil Golf Challenge. Owner Jean-Claude Forestier made her track more attractive and eclectic for the occasion.

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Talking about golf with Jean-Claude Forestier is an affirmation of living your passion and your conqueror. So it is no coincidence that ten years ago, he embarked on the adventure of organizing a stage of the Challenge Tour in order to promote golf in the region.
Knowing that I was close to the world of professionals and its players, the Amaury Sport Organization offered to host the Challenge Tour event due to the absence of a stage in France.
Explains the owner of the domain. He immediately agreed and then set himself three goals.
I wanted to introduce more people to the professional environment, which I find impressive and unique. I also wanted to give a boost to our field teams so that they attend a course that meets the standards of an event of this caliber and finally bring experience to our staff in terms of the best services.
Even if the economic returns are not necessarily great, this competition serves golf’s bad reputation.
“Visitors don’t expect to find a great place here. We are currently planning to extend the event until 2025.
Chief slip.

“We do a lot of installation ourselves”

With Shimin’s eyes, the businessman looks at the golf course and course that he has improved over time, sparing neither his efforts nor the amount of his investment. He constantly strives to bring more to the land and to the reception and accommodation structures.
We do a lot of things ourselves. We’re programming with director Guillaume Biaugeaud and green governor Matteo Gambier, arrangements are made and our teams are in-house.
Jean-Claude Forestier insists. This year, the focus was on departures. Those in holes #2, 6, 13, 17, 18 were reworked to be flatter, longer, wider, and sometimes retracted to make the holes longer. “fortified pot”
, a small, deep circular bunker with steep faces, created to defend nº13. It will give some awe to the pros, of course, but also to all golfers.

A starting point for young talents

We understand that the 6,328-meter course is getting stiffer over the years. It would be hard to beat the course record of -9 under par or a final score of -19 set by the first year in 2013 by American Brianson Paolini. Will fight 156 participants to succeed German Marcel Sim. Among them, a third of the French whose best and most famous representatives are Clément Sordet, Ugo Coussaud, Gary Stal, Grégory Bourdy, Sébastien Gros, Lionel Weber … 15 from Mallorca Road (general classification). Among them are Martin Simonsen (5th), Nikolai Christensen (9th), Javier Sainz (16th), Alfie Plante (17th), Christian Johanssen (4th) and of course Clement Surdet (8th) and they have already won this year in the Open Championship.

Winning at Vaudrell doesn’t offer any guarantees of a great career, but the performance there really does give hints of talent and opens up hope. In fact, many of the players who have managed to win or win in Normandy have had successful careers on the European Tour. Another reason to follow the 2022 Vaudreuil Golf Challenge.

the program

Thursday 7 July and Friday 8 July: “Cuts” (156 players qualifications): Departures from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM. Saturday, July 9 and Sunday, July 10: Departure at 7:30 a.m. for the first 60 and a tie. Free entry for spectators and free parking.

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