For semiotics scholar Mariette Daregrand, “Elizabeth Bourne asked for consent in a nonviolent manner.”

And even if some deputies confuse the parliament with a football field, the Prime Minister revealed, on Wednesday, in an uproar, an unexpected side of her personality. The view of biologist Mariette Daregrand, author of “Viriles comme Vénus” (Éditions des Equateurs).

Woman, yes, but…“It is not her habit to give a speech as a woman. Ordinarily, Elizabeth Bourne presents herself as a somewhat neutral being. She is not a clear feminist. There she has repeatedly spoken of herself as a woman and recalled previous women before her. This feminist feminist dimension, even if not the first in her political discourse, , still present. However, we do not have the usual female symbols. When she speaks, in emotion, of her father, it is a historical discourse.

She split the shield, but we weren’t emotional. She was manly, which does not mean that she was masculine, but rather courageous.Biologist Mariette Daregrand. Photo by Gerard Cambon

Moreover, we find here the three main themes operating in Western societies: social justice, the environment, and the position of women. »

The fun is at the end of the lips “She seemed happy to give her speech when we know she’s more introverted and more conservative. I enjoyed being there. The jokes and the reactions of the Nubians… made him smile. She showed that she didn’t want her joy to be taken away from her by speaking as Prime Minister. I let her speak, he’s a little American, Not French.”

Who were the first thirty-three elected representatives in our history?

fun thing“This jovial aspect shocked me. It’s not the first impression you usually give. She was smiling. And this pleasure that I let her speak is something that moves on. She didn’t ask for a vote of confidence, but she got many loud applause, and warm applause. Somewhere, I went to get To agree in a non-violent way, and somewhat pleasant, not in female seduction, nor in combat. It was almost fun, a bit childish. She was unmoved, she had the physical courage.”

Photo: AFP

Anagrams but no confirmation“La France, notre France”… you knew how to deal with alliteration without overemphasizing. We were in republican sentiments. At this she was close to Rocard, whom she hinted at passing. When he gave his public policy speech, he was criticized for his ascent of the ladder, when he had the image of an intellectual. She, an engineer, is very pragmatic, who on two or three occasions nurtured something of a lyrical sentiment about the Republic. It’s Rocardian in this way of linking the lyric and the pragmatic. If techno through every pore of her skin, she showed a republic-like affection, aiming for union, she presented herself as a reconciled woman.”

Small side of CastexTerritories, local elected officials, intermediary bodies … the prime minister had nothing about Jupiter about them. “It is Doxa. She has positioned herself in the Castex line. It is also his vision of France.”Photo: AFP

“Construction”, a metaphor is not accidental“She did Ponts et Chaucet, she was an engineer and then a governor. She works on the very concrete side of France, hence the metaphor of ‘construction’, which is no coincidence. She wants to build the majority of projects which is to build solid bridges between the various sensibilities of the association. Through this metaphor, she shows herself as authentic.”

Florence Shedotal

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