How to use Norton Power Eraser Tool on Windows PC

Norton Power Eraser It is a free security software from Symantec, which removes deeply embedded and hard-to-remove crime programs that traditional antivirus scans can’t always detect. If you find that your usual antivirus is unable to detect or remove rootkits and persistent malware, Fraudulent softwareAnd the roguewarePhishing programs or crime programs, you can use Norton Power Eraser to target and eliminate them.

Norton Power Eraser has received an update recently, so I decided to download and check it on my Windows 8.1 PC. This free program is portable and does not require installation. You just need to click on the downloaded exe file to run it. The main window is very simple and consists of three buttons – Scan Risks, Undo Previous Patch and Advanced Options.


By clicking on the settings link in the upper right corner, you will be able to change some settings like network proxy settings, scan settings, registry settings, etc.

Power eraser settings

Clicking on Advanced will bring up the following window.

Norton Power Eraser 2 Settings

less than Advanced OptionsThe following options are displayed:

  1. Use reputation analysisYou can scan a folder or file for its reputation
  2. The System Analysis Performs standard analysis
  3. The Multiboot check Runs a scan for the operating system you select
  4. The Find unwanted apps Warn you of unwanted programs and browser plug-ins

The tool also gives you the option to review and undo previous repair sessions with a file Undo the previous correction button.

You have clicked Back To return to the main window and click Analyze the risks button to perform a full scan. The tool will ask you to restart your computer, so first save all your work and click restart.

The scan took about a minute on my system.

scan 3

After the scan was complete, it provided me with a set of results, which included some files that I considered questionable or risky in nature. Classifies files as bad or unknown and offers to delete or repair the file, depending on Cloud Scan Results.

It is important that you review each recommendation carefully before clicking on the remove option. Since Norton Power Eraser uses powerful methods to detect and remove computer threats, there is always a chance that it will give false positives and select some legitimate programs to remove.

I could have seen our free Quick Restore Maker appear on this list – along with three other processes that I knew were definitely harmless.

Results 4

This popular tool that allows you to create secure one-click system restore points has been hosted on many secure software download sites – but it’s listed here, unfortunately. Clicking on the “i” link will give you more details about the files listed.

Details -5

If you are convinced that one of the files listed here may be malicious in nature, you may select to remove or repair, as appropriate. Norton Power Eraser will prompt you to restart and remove malware from your system.

Download Norton Power Eraser

So use this tool with extreme caution and after exhausting all other options only as it may give false positive results. You can download Norton Power Eraser from over here.

We have already provided the download link below to download Norton Power Eraser tool on your PC. You can also visit the official website directly to download the app itself. FYI, it is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10 and earlier versions.

Is it safe to run Norton Power Eraser?

Yes, you can safely run Norton Power Eraser on your PC. It scans your entire system for potential crime programs that normal antivirus software cannot identify or detect. In other words, Norton Power Eraser makes your PC more secure to use.

Power eraser settings

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