Le Newburgh: Cassandra Poussin, the new president of the basketball club

Cassandra Busin is the new mayor of Newburgh, British Columbia. She replaces Christophe Mathieu, flanked by coach Valentin Leveau, and secretary, Vincent Noel. © Le Courrier de l’Eure

It was in his stronghold, the Haut Phare Gymnasium, on the morning of Saturday 25 June 2022 that after training for School Basketball (U7/U9), the Neubourg Basket-Club held its public meeting. Face à une bonne cinquantaine de personnes installées dans les gradins (joueurs et parents), le président Christophe Mathieu a ouvert la séance en remerciant la municipalité du Neubourg et l’Office municipal des Sports pour leur soutien financier permet: « Tools. Like our new baskets we should have had for six months and we are still waiting due to a supply problem. But they will come. These are beautiful baskets that have been approved up to level N1, and you will be asked to respect them. »

The passage of the torch

Meanwhile, Christophe Mathieu announced that due to a health problem, he resigned after four years of presidency: “This season, I have often been more absent than the present. So I decided to hang up. The team has done well without me and will continue. I have no concerns about the future. I will always be there to provide assistance when needed. In her place, Cassandra Poussin was elected to carry the torch. At 28 years old and a licensed NBC for fifteen years, the new president has already been very active within the club: “For the past two years, I have been responsible for liaising and managing the Our Facebook page. Previously, I was a two-class coach, and I always judged Saturdays, or otherwise, if needed. »

3rd club in EUR

After two years of Covid, if the club had concerns in terms of the number of licensees, they were quickly swept away. “We are out of a total of 209 licensees, compared to 185 the previous season. “We are the third most licensed club in Europe,” Secretary Vincent Noel welcomed. After a white season, the bureau decided to make a fairly significant financial effort over the price of re-registration licenses. A step that paid off. But next season, the price of licenses will return to normal.

In terms of the balance sheet, the accounts provided by treasurer Emily Noel are balanced.

Valentin Levaux is still a coach

For the athlete, the teams’ results were generally considered good (second mini, U11 [1] Fourth place in the elite pool, U11 [2] 19 and 13 g 6, 13, 5, 15, 6, 18, 6, 17, 17, senior and 7). “With only three defeats, the boys U-17s have had a great season. They only failed in the semi-finals against champion Pierres-sur-Andel. The target for next season will be the regional level. There is a pedigree. But next season we must be more ambitious. For this, we can count on recruits, returning players, and the emergence of a few under-17s,” explains Valentin Leveau, the club’s coach, whose jobs and professional training contract have been renewed for next season.


Then the club thanked all the volunteers (coaches and referees) for their investment. “Without them, the season could not have gone so well. Thank you also to our partners”, stated Vincent Noel, before making an appeal to the people who want to participate and continue to make the club alive. “As with the refereeing, we provide training to help the coaching teams. This year, we sent two youngsters, Rafael and Nicolas Vizier, to coach the referees. This saved us from paying fines to the committee. For the next season, we will send someone else.”

The gathering ended with awarding prizes and a friendship cup. After a meal on site at noon, intergenerational meetings were held throughout the afternoon, with the participation of parents.

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