Radiation of seven players of Aigles A de Basketball by the Basketball Federation: Radiation of these young players is by no means the solution …

Is financial basketball going through its most serious crisis since the top basketball eagles refused to play the first two matches against Uganda and Nigeria in Rwanda (Kigali), a few days ago, to calculate the third qualifying period for the World Cup 2023 Cup? The answer to this question is in the affirmative. Aigles A de Basket’s refusal to play these matches was synonymous with the disqualification of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), according to the rules of the competition. Suddenly, Mali was eliminated from the competition. Sports officials, in particular the Ministry responsible for Youth and Sports, the National Directorate of Physical Education and Sports (DNSEP) and the Basketball Federation of Mali, condemn the inappropriate and impolite attitude of Aigles A de Basketball. They are accused of disappointing, humiliating, discrediting, polluting, and insulting the country. These condemnations of sports leaders, especially basketball, weren’t enough. The Basketball Association has taken it to a higher level. Thus, on July 5, 2022, in a press release signed by the second vice president of the Basketball Federation, Miti Ag Muhammad, it announced that it had removed 7 players from the team. This is exactly Ibrahim Jambo. Mohamedou Kanti; Ibrahima Sunira, Sadio Doukuri, Drissa Ballou, Omar Ballou, and Ibrahim Sidiba. This penalty was taken, according to the Administrative Authority of Basketball in Mali, after analyzing the report of the federal delegate and the opposition (a video posted by the thermal players on social networks) justifying their aggressiveness to humiliate the country, and in accordance with Articles 49, 50 and 82 of the General Regulations. Continuing to justify it, the Basketball Association sees this unprecedented act as inconsistent with our ancestors’ values ​​of honor and dignity, upon which our sporting behavior is based. “There is no reason, whatever the reasons, that should lead an athlete to the humiliation of his country,” the statement said. And to continue with these conditions: “Despite all the assurances given by the Ministry in charge of sports through the Federal Office, you have dared to project the image of Mali on the international scene in the most negative way.”

Why did we come here?

The players refused to play because they demanded that their rewards be paid as promised before leaving for Kigali. Not paying their bonuses before playing was an intense disdain for them and all other basketball players, who had yet to receive their arrears for several years. Added to this is denouncing the poor preparation of the trip to Kigali from Bamako, as the team had to leave with ten (10) players instead of the usual twelve (12).

To tell the truth, players bear their share of responsibility for this humiliation. It was not necessary to agree to go without getting premiums. At this point, they failed.

The other raw truth is that neither the Basketball Federation nor the State Finance, through its Youth and Sports Division, have the confidence of the players. These do not believe in these sports bodies that, it seems, always deceive them about their rewards. They cited the cases of their predecessors who continued to claim their rewards for two years. But we pretend we don’t know anything. Why, instead of punishing only those young people who demand their rights, does the state not punish itself or its agents responsible for doing everything to avoid this kind of situation of humiliation in the country? How can a “serious and demanding” state involve its sons in the battlefield and not put them against them? Promises are made, but are often not kept, in full view of state officials. Nobody talks about it or cares about it. The union that is supposed to defend these players to avoid sad situations like the one we are going through today, according to our information, seems to be working in the same tube as the division. On whom then can we rely between these two structures? The answer is that players do not trust either of these two authorities that are responsible for taking care of them. This is the reason why they are reacting in this way that such practices cease in Melikora that we are advocating.

Writing off these young players is by no means the solution. Because Abraham made Gambus the others; Mohamedou Kanti; Ibrahima Sunira, Sadio Doukuri, Drissa Ballou, Omar Ballou, and Ibrahim Sidiba. In short, as long as sporting leaders, particularly the federations and the Youth and Sports Department, do not stop making promises without following through, there will always be acts of rejection and abandonment in a “full ride” of this kind in our country.

Sports leaders and state officials, be honest, keep your word and stop making athletes run like beggars behind their bounties with the sweat of their eyebrows.

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