Ultra-sleek and durable portable device… stuck in 16:9

For its return to the French PC market, Samsung is launching the Galaxy Book2 360, a 13.3-inch ultraportable device. In addition to the 360-degree rotating screen (tablet and stand mode), the Koreans stand out for their beautiful OLED panel. Sufficient origin to rebuild the image of Samsung in this sector?

After leaving the French PC market, Samsung is taking advantage of the high demand for PCs worldwide to return to some key markets in Europe, including France. In the first batch of devices that landed on our shores, the Galaxy Book2 360* appeared as a high-end device. A 13.3-inch machine, this computer with a rotating screen, as its name suggests, 360 degrees (tablet and stand mode), highlights Koreans mastery of the screen by incorporating a beautiful OLED panel. Beautiful but not perfect as we will see later. (*: Be careful, this is not so Not From Galaxy Book2 forefront 360 !)

This device, with a MacBook flavor – but convertible and therefore tangible – powered by Windows 11, trusts Intel. A choice that stems from the source for Samsung, one of the world’s No. 1 semiconductor brands, in the face of competition that is developing more and more AMD architectures. Evidence of the rise of the eternal rival of PC chips.

Classic design, impeccable finishes

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If you find that all smartphones look the same, wait until you become interested in the ultra-mobile ones! Just like Apple’s MacBook Pro, Huawei’s Matebook X Pro, or Honor MagicBook, the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 360 is adorned with straight lines, elegant curves, and a matte surface. Fully adhering to the “unibody” type machine codes, it is elegant and featureless.

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And it’s not necessarily criticism – personally, I like it very much. Simply put, in order to “express your personality”, you will need to use stickers or laser engraving. Smartphones at least have more color options, the ability to add a cover as well as sets of camera modules, which are more distinct from aluminum shades.

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This classic is found in the keyboard and The touchpad Which could be from the Matebok X Pro … from 2018. There are no major complaints about the keyboard – although the key transition may be shorter and above all more fluid – but The touchpad Somewhat by today’s standards.

Equipment: Don’t fall into dexterity traps

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Some gamers, like Dell or Apple, have the elegance of living in their (rich) world as the entire planet has switched to Thunderbolt and USB-C sockets. But since this vision is a mirage, Americans (and others…) are selling you USB-C adapters to be able to connect simple TVs or USB keys.

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There is no technology frenzy on Samsung’s part. Si ce Galaxy Book 2 360 est à la page en matière de finesse, de design et de technologie (une price Thunderbolt et une USB 3.2 toutes le deux en USB-C), il n’oublie pas « l’ancien monde » toujours très … current. It has a USB-A jack, an HDMI-A output, a 3.5mm analog headphone/microphone jack, and a Micro SD card slot. Photographers and videographers will be disappointed not to see the full-size SD slot – even Apple has (re)introduced it on high-end Pro models only! So the site should be considered more as a way to easily expand storage. This is already. And for a camcorder? Via cable or via dongle (damn).

As for additional equipment, the ignition button integrates a fingerprint reader and webcam, although in 1080p (Full HD), it does not break bricks (nor do duck legs). Enough for video conferencing, and should be avoided while broadcasting.

Adequate performance and good endurance

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Core i7 1255 U processor from 12e The generation is the chip that powers the device. On the CPU side, we make use of 10 cores (2 high-performance P Core, 8 low-eating E Cores), when the Xe GPU integrates the maximum number of execution units available on the mobile chipset (96 EU). Does this mean that the computer is a beast of power? No, but an Intel chip is an excellent old-fashioned for all day-to-day tasks (we’ve never experienced any slowdowns). As for the Core 11 chipsete gen, the Xe 96 EU chip allows you to run all games, even the latest ones… as long as you know how to stay (very) modest in terms of definition and detail levels (720p and minimum).

If it doesn’t get very hot, it’s because Samsung seems to have set the TDP to 20W – it could go up to 28W vs. Strengthen »But in heavy use (games in particular), its rate drops so that it doesn’t heat up as much. And keep the time.

The least we can say is that it is resilient: with 12h07 in versatile autonomy and 9h29 in streaming video playback, it’s really very portable, which only bends its back against the MacBook M1s.

double-edged screen

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Like Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde, or the Double Face character from the DC Comics universe, this Galaxy Book 2 360’s OLED display presents two very distinct personalities. On the light side of power, OLED technology gives it beautiful colors and an excellent contrast ratio, the touch portion works flawlessly, and its limited definition 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) is energy efficient. Which makes it a very durable machine.

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On the dark side of the force, it’s disappointing in many ways. Definition on the other hand: without the need for 4K which would reduce battery life so much, a higher definition (1440p) would be welcome to limit the use of text aliases in particular, which is noticeable. But in addition to its somewhat limited brightness – along with a panel a little too bright for our taste – the 16:9 ratio is above all annoying. Which is really annoying.
At a price of 1,399 euros, this is an expensive machine with high-end finishes. And its EVO Core i7 platform, which instead puts it on top of ultra-fast Intel chips, makes it first and foremost a work machine, not a pure media consumption tool.

This “professional” identity, which brings together a number of office automation scenarios, is usually one where a 16/10 or even 3/2 difference makes a difference, both in terms of work comfort and productivity. What’s annoying is that if the panel is already in a 16:9 format, the imposing black border of about 2cm below the screen proves that the chassis can accommodate thousands of additional pixels. For the 2023 version?

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