10 Ways to Increase Laptop Battery Life on Windows 10

In this article, I will show you how to increase laptop battery life in Windows 10. The battery life of many new laptops in the market can last for one day, read this article, laptop battery problem will be solved. Windows 10 has comprehensive tricks to improve laptop battery life.

1#. Battery saver

The easiest way to use the internal power saving options in Windows 10 is to use the power saving mode. This mode helps reduce power consumption of system resources and increase battery life. When the battery percentage reaches 20%, the saving mode is automatically activated. You can also change the setting manually. going to Battery setting > Manual setting


2#. Reduce screen brightness

Higher screen brightness can consume longer battery life. To increase battery life for a long time, set the screen brightness to a lower state. Right click Battery option > set screen brightness > set line brightness to low.

4#. Disable apps that consume more battery life

Not all apps and software are the same, some apps and software consume longer battery life. Most Windows 10 software startup wallpapers, you can check CPU usage to see which programs are consuming the most battery life. going to Setting > System > Battery > Find out which apps are affecting your battery life.

Seven#. Disable animation and shadow

Windows 10 uses shadows and animations for better performance and to make windows look cooler, but if we want to save more battery life, we have to turn off all options due to more battery life. going to Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings > Settings > Adjust for best performance

8#. Disable background apps

Most Windows 10 apps run in the background to notify or notify you of new updates. But these apps can also drain your battery life, even if you don’t use them. Here we have a solution to disable all the apps that you don’t need. going to Settings>Privacy>Background Apps>Disable/Enable

9#. Manage startup applications

You can disable unnecessary startup applications to save battery. Some apps run on startup even though we don’t need them, but they can drain your battery life even more. Disable every app you don’t need. hurry Ctrl + Shift + Esc > Startup.

ten#. Battery Optimizer

Laptop Battery Optimizer analyzes and determines how to improve laptop battery life. This software can monitor charging status, check battery status, diagnose battery problem and help laptop battery improve performance.


This guide helps you to save more battery life and use your laptop for a long time. Applying 10 methods will bring about many changes in your battery life.

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