Basket / Elan Béarnais: Buyers are ready to go

Same Mayor Bao, three days later…

The same mayor of Pau, three days later, on Monday, June 27 during the last city council meeting where Ilan Bernier was at the center of the discussions with nearly two hours devoted to his failures: “Yes, I heard there was a takeover project and the university would be willing to support that project.” .

In three days, the tone of the mayor’s speech had evolved from a mere assumption to a credible possibility. why ? Quite simply because, according to our information, there is a solid recovery plan, which has not received its form since the spring of this spring.

This “Plan B” is very likely to be “A” in the coming days, which has nothing to do with the project proposed by the Darnozan brothers last year, and will be the unexpected alternative to save the club, qualified for the semi-finals. And the winner of the Coupe de France in April, but is relentlessly heading for bankruptcy and downgraded to National 3 if nothing concrete happens next week.

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

Trust is broken

Ten days passed, and thus the “Helay” François Bayrou was confirmed. Several reliable references point to an alternative project that must arise out of the woods to save Elan from the abyss that has been promised.

A ray of hope Much of the world had been hoping for too much CSG’s disastrous human, financial and economic management in recent months putting the athletic structure on the straw with a structural deficit approaching 3 million at the end of the fiscal year (with an estimated budget of 7.8 million). Not to mention the current banking situation that flirts with stopping payments.

Beyond the numbers in light red, which is sufficient to undermine the credibility of the American project, which he felt a good step almost a year ago, with the reliable guarantees that were by Sto Jackson, former Vice President of the National Basketball Association, and the transformation of Jamal Mishabourin, the American Professional League star Former into a millionaire businessman, trust is broken between CSG and almost all players who are attracted from near or far around Elan. Players, employees, volunteers, partners, service providers, supporters, token buyers, Paw City Hall… the consensus is massive against the Seattle men (1).

“Whatever happens, we will never be able to believe them again,” one player told us earlier this week.

Despite the upbeat, assertive speeches of David Otto, Co-Founder and President of CSG prior to his DNCCG debut on June 23, and then again Greg Hughes, CEO of CSG, still backing down this midweek, “we are very confident that LNB will keep Elan Béarnais is in the league. We’re told we’ll have this confirmation on July 11 (during the appeal decision, editor’s note), “No one has any illusions anymore: No matter what the appeals panel made on Monday afternoon, CSG no longer has No future in Bao. Even David Otto, who will be present in Paris, will arrive with the rights to dollars.

He also had the same in our pillars a heavy sentence in the sense, after two days of the punishment taken by DNCCG: “If there is a local person who thinks he can do a better job of us, we will talk to him.”

Another possibility to appeal

What will happen once the appeal decision is known? If the financial policeman of the LNB confirms the punishment that was taken in the first place, then it is not unmasked. The club will then have the possibility to appeal to the Federal Committee, which will give it the last ten days of deferment to submit a new draft.

Pretty much enough window to let in the buyers, all French this time. The personalities who pledge to take over the club’s debts and settle the amount associated with the purchase of 72% of the shares in the Town Hall (the famous €800,000 not yet settled by the CSG), then come out of the shadows and reveal their project to the club again participating in the elite at the beginning of the school year, in a sustainable way over the next few years.

With a huge downside, but it still ultimately looks ridiculous today: almost 100% team building with over a month behind all the competition.

On the other hand, if the DNCCG reconsiders its first decision and ratifies the commitment of Elan Béarnais to the elite in September, convinced by the evidence presented by David Otto, the club will find itself faced with an unreasonable situation: an arm of iron with tragic features, between CSG on one side and all the players الفرنسيين من جهة أخرى. Of course, justice is the only way out.

(1) Following our articles published on Tuesday, July 5, about the nebula associated with the sale of tokens, the Mars Funders Foundation (AMF) has launched an investigation that could have judicial repercussions.

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