Charité Basket is about to complete the recruitment process for the next season

While nothing has been played on the courts, La Charité is working behind the scenes to present to the public a team worthy of the second men’s national championship. Building a ready group, he no longer plays for the top of the table in the fifth division, but rather to stay in fourth place. “Compared to the players who are already there, those who will and those who will, this maintenance gives an excess of motivation,” appreciates Jay Arno, the new coach.

excellent Charité is officially drafted into Men’s National 2

Because this maintenance in NM2 puts La Charité in a section more in line with the situation of the club. “NM3 has been improved before birth. NM2 is a semi-professional level, opening up prospects for NM1 players,” confirms Jay Arno, who coached the JDA DIjon U-15 team last season. “In NM3, getting players from training centers, from the Espoirs Championship, is hard. We tested it. NM2 has a completely different resonance.”

Already four recruits, two awaiting review

It wasn’t until Wednesday, July 6, nearly two months after the last day of the 2012-2022 season, that La Charité decided its fate. “A lot of players have already signed. It’s a shame we didn’t report before,” Guy Arnault laments. “But I have no fear: the team we are building will do well in NM2,” declared the coach.

Already four rookie players, including an American versatile player from NCAA La Charité, have, as usual, suffered a wave of major players leaving. Loc Salaneuve (captain), Dylan Palcy (back) and Kévin Hangoué (inside), will be out there this season, now waiting to get to know their future teammates. Guy Arnault announced that “four players have already signed”.

“Players will come from different backgrounds. Harmony will take as you go. It’s like good food, it takes time.”

Jay Arnault (La Charité basketball coach)

The first, Andre Jackson (1.93 m), 25, arrives from the NCAA, North Carolina. “He is a versatile player, he trained as a captain, but the comeback is his natural position. He is even able to switch flankers,” explains the Charitois coach. Three other players, in addition to Jackson, have already signed. “French commander, was a replacement in NM1, French wing, indicated in NM2, as well as Foreign Center 5 (but with Cotonou status), with COIN profile.”

To complete the workforce, La Charité, which has the right to four transfers and two foreigners, is expected to have two new players. “Situation 4, with an offensive profile. We’ve found it, but waiting to see if we’ll be in NM3 or have NM2 taken over. Depending on what profile we find, we’ll then recruit the inside or the back,” says Jay Arno.

The Charitois coach, who signed after signing, thus draws a team that looks like him. “It is a team that will shoot with three points and will not be restricted by regulations, I will prefer individual initiatives,” without this being done at the expense of the group. “Players will come from different backgrounds. Alchemy will be taken as is. It is like good cooking, it takes time.”

Andre Jackson, philanthropic rookie:

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