Cursed to Golf gets release date and releases for PS4 and PS5

Unveiled last year, cursing golf It was expected on PC and Nintendo Switch, then also on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, but the address thunder games And the Zhuhai Laboratories Talk about it again today, on the blog side Play Station. because yes, Cursed to Golf will also be released on PlayStation 4 and PS5.

Liam Edwards, Game Director, took the floor to introduce cursing golfIn case you don’t know it yet:

Welcome to Golf Purgatory

In Cursed to Golf, you play as a tragically dying rookie golf champion on the verge of winning the championship. Instead of ending up in Heaven (or Hell), you’ll land in Golf Purgatory. Immediately, a majestic silhouette tells you that you were… Cursed! But everything is not so bad: if you successfully pass the continuously changing 18-hole course, it will come to life. As with any great adventure story, it’s a feat no one has accomplished yet. But there is a beginning to everything, right? If you miss a hole, expect your damned curses to take you back to the beginning of the course, giving you the opportunity to start over.

In the realm of the dead, golf is a very different sport than the one we know and love. At each new start, the 18 holes that make up your course are chosen at random from among more than 70 carefully created holes, enough to create a new course each time. Holes are like dungeons, and they often have different paths to success. To beat them, you will have to go in different directions and overcome all the traps and dangers. If some are familiar to you, regarding water and hideouts, others won’t hesitate to use killer spikes, TNT chests, and other “grave hunters” to make you fail. The course spans four different biomes: Purgatory, Desert, Caves, and Hell, each with their own twists and turns based on their theme. To top it off, you only have five shots to reach the flag. Damn, this shit is no joke!

Some assets in your bag

Since we’re not exactly evil, you can count on a number of rewards to get through this challenging path. Besides all the dangers involved, the holes are also packed with useful items: Shot Idols are a blessing from the golf god, giving you extra shots when you cross them, and teleportation devices can bring you closer to the flag. If you blast them wisely, even TNT boxes can come in handy and reveal shortcuts. As a bonus, ACE CARDS gives you single-use skills that you couldn’t even dream of in the real world. Go back in time with the Mulligan, freeze the water with the frost ball, guide the ball to its target with a rocket ball, get out of the sticky situation with a gate, and split your ball into three with a sliver shot. And this is just a sample of the 20 upgrades waiting for you.

Track your route

Between two slots, you can move around the map in your golf cart. During your journey to the next hole, you may find treasure chests or card combinations. At the intersections, you may come across a character (not at all suspicious!) who will help you choose the path. It’s always a good idea to stop by the Eterni-Tee to buy packs of cards, change clothes, or store some special cards in your sleeve to keep them intact. Green exercise is also available. The moves are unlimited and you will find all the Ace cards you have already unlocked. It’s also the perfect place to try out new tactics and unexpected moves. Try to stack up to three Ace cards in a swing to see how you can push the mechanics of the game. After all, the game has no limits ;).

I didn’t even have time to mention the boss fights, the cursed gaps, the online leaderboards and the ultimate challenge that awaits you…in hell! Well, maybe we can discuss that next time! In the meantime, get ready for Cursed to Golf coming to PS5 and PS4 on August 18th.

I just read it Curse of Golf is set for August 18, 2022 On PlayStation 4 and PS5, but also on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch, meanwhile you can find cards NHP on me Amazon.

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