FIBA Cup: Schulte Baskett will play in the qualifiers

The clubs that will participate in the 2022-23 European Basketball Cup (C4) have just been announced as well as the clubs that will have to qualify in hopes of progressing to the regular season.

Chollet Basket, the only French team participating, will have to fight to participate in the regular season.

The 10 clubs with a direct place in the regular season (in alphabetical order of countries):

Kangoeroes Basket Mechelen (Belgium)
BC Balkans (BUL)
HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim (GER)
Hapoel Galil Elion (ISR)
New Basket Brindisi (ITA)
Donnar Groningen (NED)
Anuel Wlaujk (Poland)
Porto Club (POR)
CSM Oradea (ROU)
Gaziantep Baskol (TUR)

Meanwhile, 19 of the clubs that will participate in the FIBA ​​Basketball Champions League qualifying rounds have selected to participate in the Basketball European Cup in the event that they do not make it to the regular season of the First Division Basketball League. No more than 18 of these clubs could eventually join the European Basketball Cup, and they would be placed directly into the competition’s regular season.

Therefore, in order to determine which clubs will fill the remaining spots in the regular season and complete the 2022-23 draw, FIBA ​​Europe will hold four qualifying tournaments, from 27-30 September.

The 22 clubs including Cholet Basket that will participate in the four qualifying tournaments will be divided into six pots (seeded and unranked) for the draw, based on the clubs’ results in the European Basketball Cup in the previous three seasons. .

There will be 10 seeded clubs who will enter the tournaments directly in the semi-finals, these are the four teams from Pot 1, the four teams from Pot 2 and the teams that will be drawn between the four from Pot 3, from Cholet.

Pot 1 (top seeds):
ZZ Leiden (NED)
Sporting Lisbon (Por)
Kapfenberg Bulls (Australia)
Rilski Sportist (BUL)

Pot 2 (Sorted):
Telenet Giants Antwerp (Belgium)
Kataja basket (end)
Seagal Pristina (KOS)
Besiktas JK (TUR)

Pot 3 (two-seeded, two-seedless):
Hapoel Haifa (ISR)
Cholet basket (FRA)
PC Calif/Kramo (EST)
Petrolina AEK (CYP)

Pot 4 (without seeds):
SCMU Craiova (ROU)
Czarny Slubsek (Poland)
PG Göttingen (Germany)
Aris BSA (GRE)

Pot 5 (without seeds):
BC CBET Jonava (LTU)
BC wolves (LTU)
BC Trepca (KOS)
Jämtland Basket (Sweden)

Pot 6 (unrated):
KK Cedevita Junior (CRO)
Thor Thorlakshofn (ISL)

In tournaments A and B, Pot 3 teams will be drawn against Pot 6 teams and Pot 4 teams against Pot 5 teams until the quarter-finals are completed. In tournaments C and D, the two seeded teams from Pot 3 will be drawn directly into the semi-finals.

The winners of the semi-finals will face each other in four duels, with the teams that win the finals moving on to the regular season FIBA ​​Euro Cup.

Any additional regular-season FIBA ​​Cup places that may open after the completion of the BCL Qualifying Tournaments will be filled with the losing teams in the Qualifier Finals as per Section D of the Official Basketball Rules. .

The draw will take place in Munich on Thursday 14 July.

Photography: Dominic Artes (Thomas Savuga)

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