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Epic thundering music, a shuttle rushing through the water, a majestic fort in the middle of the sea… That’s enough to remind us of the famous show Fort Boyard. The game show was imagined in 1990, and has been the subject of several fairly successful mods, the most recent of which has just been published. trump comeback?

Built in 1857 after more than fifty years in operation, Fort Boyard is a military building off La Rochelle in Charente-Maritime. Capable of harboring up to 264 men in wartime, it is overlooked by a 25-meter-high watchtower. In complete abandon, it was brought back by television and radio man, Jacques Antoine, and it became a staple of Channel Two of general interest. Like many TV shows, Fort Boyard has seen many video game adaptations and the license is now the property of publisher Microids. After several issues, Fort Boyard returns in 2022 with a nostalgic iteration.

The same with some modifications

Titled “Fort Boyard 2022”, this version widely bears the cliché of 2020. At the beginning of the game, the player chooses one of the four available characters (two women and two men) and sets off on an attack of 44 castle tests. First of all, it is important to emphasize that it is not possible to move freely inside the building. Progress is made by having only filmmakers who reveal the race of the candidates and interactive tests. The first good point, the developers tried to better copy the atmosphere of the show. With its French dubbing, music, and characters, Fort Boyard 2022 benefits from a somewhat successful atmosphere. Technically, the collection is quite weak, but the game has the advantage of offering fun cartoonish graphics. However, that doesn’t make us forget that production has barely changed since the 2019 episode…

Requiring family game, the controls of each mini-game can be accessed voluntarily. Fort Boyard 2022 offers multiple levels of difficulty, and it is based on ease of use and inevitably gaining interest in multiplayer. Just like in the game show, the goal is to collect keys and then get valuable clues to use for the treasure room’s secret word. And, as you can imagine, the interest in the title depends above all on the quality of the tests presented. Largely taken from the show, it has the advantage of being very entertaining. Crossbow, Turbo Basket, Mummy, Ketchuperie… All the great classics are out there! However, we must not lie to ourselves, we get around it fairly quickly and some of the mini-games lack skill. There are still some good ideas, like the catapult that pushes the avatar into the sky in order to glide between circles and seagulls.

Longevity of Father Firas?

Despite some well-established mysteries and an undeniable capital of sympathy, Fort Boyard won’t resist you for long. However, it is decked out with different modes, including a confrontation mode that allows you to take on a friend in about ten events (eleven to be exact). In addition, Time Travel mode allows you to relive some of the show’s most beloved moments throughout six mini-games. Think of the famous battle of giant cotton swabs, arm wrestling, barracks, their buckets and conveyor belts or even Magyar’s swing and their cannons to be tossed into barrels. So we are in the presence of a multiplayer (collection of mini-games) similar to Mario Party, but without the board aspect. The sequence of events isn’t necessarily a bad idea, especially with the different stages of the game (their duration can be configured), but it lacks a little something to kick up the pace in the adventure. Undoubtedly, the developers are on the right track, but there are still great efforts to get into the content of the genre and make the game go beyond the simple framework of an evening.

Fort Boyard 2022: Are video games worth TV games?

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strength point

  • number of tests
  • The atmosphere is well written (voice, music…)
  • Some new mini games
  • Available for the whole family
  • Well presented evidence

Weak points

  • Ansar is not customizable
  • No freedom of movement
  • Lack of rhythm and dynamism
  • Trials of unequal interest
  • Very few improvements compared to the previous version

For those who have the previous version, this Fort Boyard 2022 is not of much interest because the new features are very light. On the other hand, for others, a purchase is conceivable if you value the televised game and want to find its environment. More complete than in the past, this episode allows licensing to access a decent number of events (44 mini-games!), while offering different game modes to play alone, with family or with friends. Friendly and fun in its cartoonish (cartoon) spirit, it’s the perfect kind of title that comes out from time to time. There is still work to be done to achieve Mario Party mastery, but the developers are on the right track.


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