RIG Pro Series: Nacon unveils new gaming headset

yesterday held Nacon Connecta presentation that revealed a lot of information about video games, but the studio is also a manufacturer of gamers’ peripherals and took the opportunity to present it New set of helmets RIG Pro . series.

So here it is RIG 300 Pro, 500 Pro and 800 ProComing at the end of the year:

RIG 300 Pro :

  • 300 Pro HS for PlayStation, available in black or white at €29.99;
  • 300 Pro HX for Xbox, available in black or white, priced at €29.99;
  • 300 Pro HN for Nintendo Switch for €29.99.


Gamers can now play better and for longer with the unparalleled performance of the RIG 300 Pro headphones. The oversized noise-isolating earmuffs feature 40mm precision-tuned drivers, delivering rich sound and clear high frequencies. The microphone arm can be flipped for easy transport or storage. The ultra-lightweight, virtually unbreakable, flexible headband is paired with foam ear cushions that provide much-needed comfort during long gaming sessions.

The RIG 300 Pro is available for PS5, PS4 (HS), and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One (HX), and Nintendo Switch (HN). All models remain compatible with other consoles, but also computers and mobile phones with a 3.5 mm jack.

RIG 500 Pro Gen 2 :

  • 500 Pro HC Gen 2 for Consoles, available in black or white, priced at €79.99;
  • 500 Pro HA Gen 2 for PC for $79.99.

Nikon Rig Pro 500DSC 0809

The second generation RIG 500 Pro headphone takes everything gamers loved from the first version, in an improved version. It features an all-new lightweight flexible metal ferrule yet extremely durable. Bi-material ear cushions help block outside noise, while providing long-lasting comfort. Featuring 50mm low-distortion drivers, the exoskeleton headphones are optimized for gaming with 3D sound. With a built-in Dolby Atmos activation code valid for two years, you can now respond more quickly and accurately, by setting the distance and direction of threats.

The RIG 500 Pro HC is compatible with all consoles on the market, but also with computers and phones, but also with computers and mobiles with a 3.5mm jack. The RIG 500 Pro HA with Sound Card Y cable is recommended for PC gaming although it remains compatible with consoles.

RIG 800 Pro :

  • 800 Pro HS for PlayStation for €199.99;
  • 800 Pro HX for Xbox for 199.99 euros;
  • 800 Pro HD for PC for 199.99 euros.

NACON RIG Amazon Store 800 Pro HD 1600x1600 Product Images 1 TEXTLESS

The RIG 800 Pro takes the RIG 800 Pro to the next level with a new multi-function docking station, allowing wireless connectivity, charging and helmet storage. The detachable wireless USB adapter can also be connected directly to your console, PC or laptop, allowing you to place the dock wherever you want to charge the headset.

In addition to the impressive autonomy of 24 hours per charge, the lightness of the RIG 800 Pro ensures exceptional comfort. Equipped with dual-material pads, the lightweight headband, with an adjustable headband on the suspension, lets you play in complete comfort for hours. The 40mm drivers with bass boost are tuned for 3D sound.

Available in three versions, the 800 Pro HS is designed for the PlayStation, and the RIG 800 Pro HX is officially licensed by Xbox and the 800 Pro HD is recommended for PC gaming. The 800 Pro HD and 800 Pro HX models include a lifetime license for Dolby Atmos. Gamers can enjoy the fidelity of 3D audio, simply by connecting a docking station or USB adapter to their Xbox console or PC.

these RIG Pro . series From nakon It will be available in the fall of 2022 in Europe. If not, you can already find the little one 100HC . remote control At a price of 29.61 euros in Amazon.

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